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Vinyl Storage Solution for Small Spaces (And First Look at My New Craft Room)

One of the biggest challenges for Silhouette crafters is vinyl storage and organization - especially when you have a pretty hefty collection of vinyl and a pretty small craft room, work space, office or....dining room table.

I am now on my fourth method of vinyl storage...and this one seems to be the best way to organize a large amount of vinyl in a small space.

The small space, lots of stuff struggle is the one I am facing as we get ready to move into our new house - where my office and craft area is significantly smaller than the spare bedroom I have completely taken over in our current house. 

I will no longer have room for a wall of vinyl...which looks oh-so-pretty-and-organized using the Ikea bag holders.

In the new house I have a small pocket office with lower cabinets, a long desk space and we'll soon be having upper cabinets installed for additional storage. It's perfect for hiding stuff....but not so great when you have 50+ rolls and sheets of vinyl that need to be relatively easy to access.

I am not naive to the fact that not nearly everything is going to fit which means I need to be super strategic about craft storage and organization! And you better believe I've gone all Joanna Gaines on that space already...trying to figure out how to cram the contents of my current office into one a third of the size!

We are also planning to use the large loft area right outside this pocket office as Bob's home office area corner and a (large) extension of my space because let's be real here people...not everything I have is fitting in that little office. Since they're both right at the top of the steps and there's no door on either, organization is key!

I don't like clutter.  But I'm basically a full time crafter running our business 100% out of our home.

And I admit, I may have spent hours on Pinterest already trying to find a way to make my ugly heat press disappear in some type of cabinet or heat press tent.  No solutions yet.

Anyway back to my vinyl storage solution. I came across this three tier basket caddy and thought it might work for my collection of vinyl rolls, sheets and htv. The kids and Bob both said there's no way it's all fitting in there! But I'm happy to report that more than 65 rolls of vinyl and heat transfer fit in this one little basket floor stand!

At 42" high, it takes up less than a 16 square inches of floor space and can easily be tucked into a corner.  Because of the way the baskets lean forward, while resting on a wooden dowel, you can fit a lot of vinyl in each basket and access the rolls easily!

Based on the size of the baskets, I estimated 20 rolls or rolled sheets would fit in each basket when I was at the store. When I got home and filled it up - it's really closer to 25 or 30 depending on the size of the rolls. That's double what each of the Ikea bag holders will hold - at 14 - which means almost every roll that was on the wall - fits in this caddy.

I found the three tier basket caddy at HomeGoods. Since I know you guys are going to ask where it come from I did try to search using the tag, but I came up empty on where you could this exact find basket caddy.  I didn't have much luck...but I did find this three basket storage stand on Amazon which is really similar!

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  1. I am just wondering if the basket scratches the vinyl as you take it in and out?

  2. Great idea! How deep is each one of your baskets? The one you found on Amazon doesn't look as deep. So, I wondered if they would stand up as well. Thanks for the info!

  3. I love the basket idea. I can't believe that I didn't think of that for storing my rolled vinyl. When you're deciding how to store your craft items in your new space, don't forget about the ceiling. In my craft room, I hung a thick dowel rod from the ceiling along one wall using bicycle hooks and now hang all my baskets from S-shaped shower curtain hooks on the rod. They are still easily accessible but out of the way. When looking for extra storage space, I always look up!

  4. I am really interested in how you solve all you space issues, as mine are almost the same. My space is small. With no wall space available. I have no doubt, no matter what you come up's going to be great. As always, thanks for another great post!

  5. What is your heat press on?????

  6. I love that idea. Can you share how deep those baskets are? I'm gonna try to make something like this.

    Thank you

  7. What is the actual size of the basket? Being a DIY family I think I am going to have the hubby make a stand and I am just going to buy baskets 😁

  8. What size are the baskets? Being a DIY family my hubby is going to make the stand and I am going to just buy and attach the baskets

  9. Just wondering if a popup mechanism could be used in the bottom cabinet for the heat press


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