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Silhouette Studio V4: 6 Reasons Not to Upgdate...Yet

As you probably know Silhouette Studio V4 is currently available to all users in Beta. So the question becomes...should I update to Silhouette Studio V4?

At this point, with the software still being tweaked, de-bugged, changed, and tested constantly I would not recommend Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait users take the free Silhouette Studio V4 upgrade. 
My biggest reasoning for recommending against the Studio V4 update is there is no support for it right now...and users who are attempting or considering to update are warned about this up front and must agree before proceeding. 

I know there are some daredevils and early adapters in the group who are going to update to Silhouette Studio 4 - that's actually a good thing. Silhouette needs beta testers in order to make improvements based on real-user feedback - but for the majority of people I would sit tight in Silhouette Studio V3.  It is my opinion that the general Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait user - especially beginners - should not update to Silhouette Studio V4...yet.

Don't take this the wrong way - don't take this as me saying V4 is a bad version of Studio. IT IS NOT!  In fact I have relatively high praise for this version of Studio and for how much time Silhouette America is taking to get it out and get it out (hopefully) right.  (Would I like to see more new features before Studio 4 is fully released to make updating more attractive to users and 'worth it' - yes.)  If you were around for the Silhouette Studio V3 roll out you know things didn't go very smoothly. Silhouette is working to ensure history doesn't repeat itself on the next software launch.

So...why am I am saying I would not recommend Silhouette users upgrade to Silhouette Studio 4 at this time?  Here are my 6 biggest reasons:
  1. As I mentioned already, there is no support from Silhouette America for Silhouette Studio V4 therefore they can't help you troubleshoot right now - Silhouette retailers and those of us who blog about Silhouette can also only provide very limited support.
  2. When saving designs created in Silhouette Studio V4 as .Studio3 files, they will open in Silhouette Studio 3. However, in some versions of V3 they will not open with cut lines and cut lines can't be added making the files almost useless without a trace.
  3. All tools and features are still present, but have been moved around - and are likely to be modified again.
  4. The biggest and really the only significant new feature in the current version of Silhouette Studio V4 is the Trace by Color tool. Silhouette America has always maintained more features  including font management and object to path are expected to come in later versions of Silhouette Studio 4.
  5. If you are on a PC and you decided to revert BACK from V4 to a previous version you will have to completely uninstall the software in order to downgrade. This can cause issues with your library, license keys, and any designs you created while using V4 won't be compatible with previous versions.
  6. By downloading and installing Silhouette Studio V4 in beta, you are agreeing to report bugs and feedback to help developers fix issues, problems, and make the software as user friendly as possible for when it's fully released. If you're not willing to take the time to do should NOT upgrade.
The good news - the really good news - is we've already seen some changes in early versions of the open Beta version of Silhouette Studio V4 based on user feedback. For example, based on beta users' feedback Silhouette America software developers have reverted back to the Cut Setting commands users are accustomed to from the seemingly more confusing changes made in early versions of Silhouette Studio V4.

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  1. Will they fix the issue of studio3 files becoming corrupted?

  2. I found a workaround if you save a file in V4 and try to open it in V3.

    Open the file in V3 > Select all of the items in your file and copy (Ctrl+C) > Create a New File > Paste items (Ctrl+V)

    Once pasted into the new file in V3, the cut lines should reappear :)

  3. I tried to install it in a virtual machine so that I could still use my V3 but after a dozen of trials I gave up. It doesn't install. I like to be a beta tester, I like to report bugs, I would like to help, but...

  4. Thank you for keeping us updated. I'm getting a new computer for my craft room, when I download the software, will it be v4? How can I get around this? Thanks

  5. OK. Good to know! Thanks so much for sharing this information!

  6. I already upgraded. I am one of "those people" that cannot wait and MUST have the latest of greatest! I like it. I am trying to find my way around the new layout, etc. There is only one thing I have issues with so far....when I make a shape and get it to my preferred demension, I lock it but it will not stay locked. I have to lock it every time I want to change it....

  7. I must be one of the trail blazers, as I went to V4 as soon as I saw it was in beta. I LOVE the new layout and the trace by color feature is awesome. I agree that the average user should wait until the full release when all the changes are finalized.
    Also, I love your blog!

  8. I don't want to burst your bubble but there is also NO SUPPORT for the other versions of Silhouette! I've been emailing Silhouette since December with a problem and Other than one "Maybe You should make your images smaller" (which didn't help) I've received NO response to my queries.

  9. I updated mine only because I haven't used my silhouette in a looong time and I finally dusted it off for christmas. First prompt I got was an update and since I never read term agreements, I was all, "Hell ya I agree!".


    I followed the tutorials to figure out where all my buttoms were but I am having SO MUCH TROUBLE with my machine calibration, registration lines and etching of any sort.
    My machine neeeever used to do the things it does not. It scouts the entire etch page to find the registration lines every.single.time I etch something. And even after that, I used to be able to place my vinyl up in the top left corner and adjust my screen to put font there, well that doesnt work anymore. It now prefers to etch directly in the center of my page. No biggie, I just put paper in the center of the adhesive mat. EXCEPT it doesnt even line up with whats on my program. So boxes 2 down and 4 across would be my starting point on my computer, but the program will etch 2.5 down and like 5 across, etc. It's completely wack.



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