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How to use a T Square for T-Shirt Decal Placement

I'm always being asked how to line up decals on t-shirts so I thought today I'd show you a tool that can help you do just that...without the need to measure anything!

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.
This is helpful for those who don't trust the ol' Eyeball It Method and want to make sure their decals are centered and/or straight.
The Tee Square It Tool from ProWorld is an easy T-square that will save you the aggravation of measuring and adjusting and measuring again.  The tool, which is made of heavy acrylic. looks a little intimidating, but I'm going to show you exactly how to use this t-shirt alignment tool so you are confident in placing designs on your shirts!

The first thing you want to do is lay out your t-shirt nice and flat. Make sure the side seams are on the sides...and the shoulder seams aren't folded over in any way.

The Tee Square It Tool or TSI is actually a two-part tool. There's the T piece and then a crossbar that, when placed on top, will freely slide up and down.

Start by placing the T piece on the shirt using the arrows along the horizontal part of the T to line up with the shoulder seams of the shirt.

When the arrows are evenly placed on both sides this will ensure the ruler is straight on the shirt and  will guarantee you have vertical piece of the T piece placed in the center of the shirt.

Then you want to place the crossbar into the center of the T piece. Note the distance on each side...they should be the same.

Now you want to place the decal under the Tee Square It Tool. This can be a bit challenging if you are using Heat Transfer Vinyl because the carrier sheet is sticky and wants to stick to the shirt.

But...if you are using a printable heat transfer paper (another ProWorld product I am in love with) you'll be in heaven!

And there you have it - a really easy way to make sure your decals are centered on a shirt before you commit when pressing!

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  1. I use an old, unsticky silhouette mat. It works sort of like a T-square. Just put your design under your mat and use the lines on the mat to line it up!!! Works like a charm!

  2. Another way if you don't have a T square is to simply fold the shirt length wise and heat press it for 3 or 4 seconds and you have a perfect center line.

  3. I wish there was a place to find one that was less than $80!

  4. I bought the TSI and it's the biggest pain to use because the HTV carrier sheet sticks to the shirt and messes it all up. Wish I knew it wasn't so easy before I bought it.
    Now I fold my shirts in half and it works so much better!

    1. Here's a trick I use for HTV: After weeding the HTV, put the sticky side down on a piece of wax paper. Now you can easily slide the HTV on the shirt under the TSI to position it where you want. I use masking tape to temporarily affix one edge of the HTV down, remove the TSI, fold over the HTV (similar to a hinge), remove the wax paper, flip the HTV back, remove the masking tape, then press.


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