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Saving Mock Ups from Silhouette Studio as JPEG or PNG

One of the most common questions I get about creating mock ups in Silhouette Studio is how to export or save them outside of Studio. Saving from Studio to JPEG or PNG isn't easy as one might hope - but it is possible!

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Mock ups may need to be saved for any number of reasons including sharing with a customer or using as a listing photo or for social media marketing.

Silhouette Studio gives users two options for exporting: .studio format and PDF.  The Studio format is pretty useless to anyone who does not have Silhouette Studio therefore you're left with PDF as a direct export.

But there's also another way you can save mock ups as JPEGs, PNGs or other file formats to share with customers or use as photos for items you sell.

First let's talk about where to get commercial use mock up photographs. You can, of course, take your own or take the super easy way out and grab the December Craft Bundle from The Hungry JPEG's new sister site Craft Bundles. It includes - among other awesomeness - five of the most popular mock up blanks all for commercial use.

silhouette commercial designs, silhouette studio cut files sell, mock up

Grab the bundle and then download the blank shirts, bag, baby bodysuit, and stainless mug photos.  These are going to act as you mock ups. Import them into Silhouette Studio. I keep all my mock up photos in a Mock Up Folder. 

import photo silhouette studio, silhouette studio import pictures, silhouette studio jpeg

Now they're safely in Silhouette Studio for anytime you need to use them!

silhouette studio library, silhouette studio library folders, organize silhouette studio library

Select one of the designs so it opens up in your Silhouette Studio work area.  It will likely open up very large in Silhouette Studio.

mocks ups silhouette studio, silhouette studio tutorial, silhouette studio help, silhoeutte studio designing

Select the design and from of the corners pull it in to scale it down. you want the entire image to fit on the virtual mat.

Now open up your design. You want to use the Merge function so the design opens in the same work area as the mock up photo. If  it's outside of Studio go to File > Merge. If it's in your library > find the design > right click > Merge (name of file).

silhoeutte studio open files in same work area, silhouette studio mock ups, silhoeutte studio tutorials

I am using this fun design which is also from the December Craft Bundle. 

silhouette studio tips, silhouette studio beginner, getting started silhouette studio, silhouette studio mock ups, silhouette cameo business

Because I am using Business Edition (DE works too) I was able to import the .SVG into Silhouette Studio. This allows me to avoid tracing, but still lets me change the colors of the designs using the Fill Color too, if I wish.

commercial use designs graphics silhouette, running a business with silhouette cameo

 Size and rotate the design as necessary so it fits nicely on the mock up photo.

silhouette cameo beginners, silhouette studio help, silhouette studio mock ups, saving as jpeg

The last step in making your mock up in Silhouette Studio is to slightly reduce the transparency of the actual design. This just makes it look a little more 'real' and not so 'mock upy'. Select the design and go to the Fill Color tool. Click "Advanced" and slide the transparency bar between 10-13%.

Silhouette studio to jpeg, silhouette studio to png, silhouette studio to svg

Make any final tweaks and then get ready to export your mock up.  

As I mentioned, Silhouette Studio gives you two export options: PDF and .Studio. Those won't really work for us.  But what will work for us is a screen grab.

To take a screen grab on a MAC hold down COMMAND + SHIFT + 4. This will give you a bulls eye looking cursor that will allow you to drag out a box around the area that you want to capture. ONLY capture the image!  It will save as a .jpg which is perfect for sharing with a customer or using as a listing photo.

To take a screen grab on a PC use the snipping tool.  Save the screen grab to your computer in a JPEG or PNG format so you can use it however you need to! 

create mock ups in silhouette studio, mock up blanks, commercial use mock up photos

And that's all there is to saving mock up photos from Silhouette Studio!  That's NOT all there is from Craft Bundle's December bundle though...there's so much awesomeness in the set you have to check it out. Here's another mock up I quickly made using two elements from the bundle.

Commercial use yeti mug picture for mock ups, silhouette studio jpeg, image, picture

And since I know you're dying to know what else is in the December Craft Bundle just look at this set of commercial use graphics and designs. But if you want it - you have to grab it fast. It will only stick around through the end of the December.

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