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Silhouette CAMEO and Foil: Silhouette Studio Cut Settings and Tips for Deco Foil and Hot Melt

A few months back I introduced you to DecoFoil Foil Sheets which can be easily applied to paper products, foam adhesive, and other adhesives without the use of any heat. Well, those very same DecoFoil sheets can pull double-duty and also be applied to fabrics as well. I am just amazed that you can use this product in so many ways.

Silhouette CAMEO cut settings, foil, deco foil, hot melt
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The DecoFoil foil sheets themselves do not have an adhesive backing, so you need to use an adhesive backing like Therm O Web Hot Melt Adhesive Sheets with them.

Deco Foil Hot Melt Adhesive review Silhouette CAMEO tutorial
It's important to keep in mind you are going to cut the Deco Foil Hot Melt with your Silhouette machine. You are NOT going to cut the Deco Foil itself. 
 cutting foil silhouette cameo Silhouette CAMEO cut settings deco foil hot melt adhesive

I have to admit, while I love the Hot Melt for use in applying the Deco Foil - it can be a real challenge to a few tips:
  • Use a well-loved, not-so-sticky Silhouette cutting mat (this will allow you to easily release the hot melt side after cutting)
  • If you're cutting a thin font or a delicate design, add a .015 offset and cut that
  • Cut with the rough side down/paper side up (this is different than what it says on the Hot Melt packaging
  • DO NOT MIRROR YOUR DESIGN if you are taking the above advice
  • Add a weeding box around your cut design
After several rounds of trial and error, I finally perfected the cut with the above adjustments and the Silhouette Cut Settings: Blade Depth: 2, Speed 2, Thickness 10, Segment Overcut 0.2.

Cutting hot melt silhouette cameo, cut settings,

Adding the weeding box makes it a lot easier to remove the excess material from around the cut design.

foil shirt silhouette cameo, cut settings, cutting foil, cutting hot melt, silhouette cameo tuorials

After it was weeded I used a heat safe tape to pick up the design and move it onto my fabric surface. Make sure you're picking up both the liner and the actual Hot Melt adhesive layer!

Heat safe tape silhouette cameo, moving designs

Now comes the fun part...
Place the cut Hot Melt down on your surface - in this case I'm working with a onesie.

You're going to apply the Deco Foil Hot Melt to your fabric using a heat press or an iron. I'm using a onesie, but whatever fabric you want to add this to - a bag, pillow cover, shirt, hat - go for it!   Set your heat press or iron to medium heat - around 300.

Cover the Hot Melt, which still has the backing on it, with parchment paper or a teflon sheet. Press for 20-30 seconds and then remove from the heat.

How to use a heat press silhouette cameo, silhouette cameo tutorials, silhouette cameo beginners

Let it cool and then remove the tape and paper liner to fully expose the Hot Melt. It's hard to see, but the actual Deco Foil Hot Melt adhesive stays behind on the shirt.

Now, cut a piece of Therm O Web Deco Foil slightly larger than the design and lay it over the area with the Hot Melt Adhesive - with the colored side of the foil up.  Place it back on your Heat Press or surface where you will iron it.

foil heat press, silhouette cameo foil, cutting foil silhouette cutting machine

Place the parchment paper or teflon sheet on top again and again apply heat and pressure - this time for about 30-40 seconds.


When you remove from the heat source, wait until the foil has completely cooled before peeling it away.  As it cools you can see the foil kind of suctions to the adhesive layer.

foil shirt, silhouette cameo tutorial, silhouette cameo cutting foil, cut settings

Once it's cool, peel away the foil....and then prepare to be amazed...

Look how cute!!

Here's another onesie I did for my niece!  One thing I love about the ThermoWeb Deco Foil is that you can keep re-using those foil sheets over and over again wherever there is still foil left.

add foil onesie, silhouette cameo, silhouette cameo onesie tutorials

One of the coolest things about the DecoFoil sheets is that you can use them on both fabric and paper!  There are not many products that can be used on both of those surfaces so well!  And they also wash like a champ!

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  1. Hi! Had major trouble using the Deco Foil Hot Melt Adhesive on the Silhouette machine (Cameo 2). Everytime I cut it out my design using not only your instructions (above), Cutting for Business instructions plus my own experiments I kept receiving the same results - the paper would catch, bunch up and drag everywhere under the blade creating one giant mess! Please can you tell me what I'm doing wrong as I spent the whole day wasting my time and money. Do you think it would be better to cut my design out in vinyl, (stencil) stick it on the tee and then use the hot melt adhesive liquid instead??? Need help please...!
    Thanks Julie

  2. you mentioned the heat-safe transfer tape but didn't mention a brand to look for. What do you suggest?


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