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Finally...A Printable Heat Transfer Paper I Love to Use with Silhouette CAMEO!

For almost two years I've been looking for a printable heat transfer material that I can really get behind! Finally...finally I've found something that not only prints vibrantly, cuts well on Silhouette, transfers easily and washes without fading or bleeding!

Silhouette CAMEO tutorial printable heat transfer vinyl
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Why use Printable Heat Transfer Paper instead of Heat Transfer Vinyl? Well...sometimes the design has so many colors or layers that it would require extensive layering of HTV which can be timely, expensive and bulky. Instead, printing the design as a single image and then transferring it onto the surface is great alternative!

This gem of a product is JetPro Soft Stretch Inkjet Paper Lights from ProWorld!  When using the transfer sheets with Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait you're basically going to do a mirrored Print and Cut - just printing on the inkjet paper rather than card stock.

Alright let's walk through this Silhouette tutorial so you can see how awesome and easy this printable heat transfer material really is!

Open up Silhouette Studio and create or open your design, setting it up as a Print and Cut. I have a whole lot of beginner Silhouette CAMEO tutorials on Print and Cut so I'm not going to get into too much details here, but basically: change the page size to your Current Printers, turn on the print borders, make sure you are only cutting the edge of the design and turn on the registration marks.

The one thing you want to do differently than a regular print and cut is mirror your design. This is because you will be flipping the image onto your surface like heat transfer vinyl.  To mirror the design select it > right click > flip horizontally.

Silhouette CAMEO Print and Cut tutorial printable htv

Now you're ready to print.  Place a piece of the JetPro Soft Stretch Inkjet Paper into your inkjet printer oriented so the image will be printed on the  correct side. The grided side is the backing.

HTV alternatlive printable heat transfer paper

Once printed, place the design onto your Silhouette cutting mat and load it into the machine.

silhouette cameo Print and cut printable heat transfer material

In Silhouette Studio you will need to adjust the settings somewhat. Ensure your design is set to "Cut Edge" then pick "Printable Heat Transfer Material" from the material list in the Cut Settings window. Adjust the blade depth to a 6 in the software and on the actual blade - so it will cut through both the printed layer and the backing. Do a test cut make sure it cuts through both layers!

Send the design to cut. Once cut with the Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait, you should be able to easily weed away the excess material leaving the designs on your mat.

Carefully remove the designs from the mat.  Using your heat press or iron set at 375 degrees, place the design face down onto the surface. In this case I used a onesie.

Apply the heat and pressure of 30 seconds. After 30 seconds remove the heat and quickly peel away the backing to expose the transfer.  You want to remove the backing while it's hot...don't wait for it to cool.

Printable heat transfer material won't bleed fade silhouette portrait

Here's a close up so you can see how it's actually in the fabric rather than laying on top like HTV.

Printable heat transfer paper inkjet printer review silhouette cameo tutorial

I mean how cute is this little watermelon onesie? Can you imaging cutting and applying heat transfer vinyl for something like this? It would take forever!

DIY Cute baby onesie printable heat transfer material silhouette cameo

Now I know one of the big questions with this kind of Printable Heat Transfer material is how it I tested it. I washed this onesie inside out and was anxious to see what happened to the colors when I took it out of the washer.  See for yourself! They're perfect still - with no bleeding or fading. I would suggest you lay flat to dry rather than put it on the dryer to maintain the colors.

I'm so excited with how this turned out I can't wait to use this JetPro Soft Stretch Inkjet Paper from ProWorld again!  And I'm even more excited that I no longer have to answer emails and questions about "What's your favorite Printable Heat Transfer HTV?" with "I have yet to find one I really love..."

watermelon baby onesie printable heat transfer material print and cut silhouette cameo

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