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How to Save Designs in New Silhouette Studio Cloud Update

When Silhouette America released the new version of Silhouette Studio to include the Silhouette Cloud in late April, the Save and Save As options changed slightly.  I heard some grumblings that you could no longer save as V2 and confusion over saving to library vs Silhouette Cloud.

Silhouette Tutorial, Silhouette Studio, save v2, save v3, cloud update

All of the options to Save as V2, Save as V3 and Save to the Library are still available - but so is the option to Save to the Cloud.  The options, however, do look a little bit different which has caused some confusion over whether it is still possible to save in all these different versions and places.  I assure you it is. Let's walk through the Silhouette Studio Save options together.

Save to Hard Drive (Save as as V2 (Legacy), V3, and GSP)

When you select File > Save to Hard Drive a pop up window will appear.

Silhouette Tutorial, Silhouette Studio, save v2, save v3, cloud update

This is where you will decide where to save the file on your hard drive and in what format.  So whether you want to Save as a V2 or Save as a Studio3 file, you need to pick Save to Hard Drive and then selection the format.

Silhouette Tutorial, Silhouette Studio, save v2, save v3, cloud update, hard drive

Save to Library (Saving to Local Library or Cloud)

When you select File > Save to Library a pop up window will appear with all of your folders in your library.

Silhouette Tutorial, Silhouette Studio, save v2, save v3, cloud update, save to local library, save to cloud 
This is where you will decide if you want to save to a local "User" folder or if you want to save your design to the cloud. Simply select the folder where you want your design to save and click "OK".

Silhouette Tutorial, Silhouette Studio, save v2, save v3, cloud update, local user folder

If you save your design on the Cloud and then you decide, you want to put it in a local folder, you can simply drag and drop to move it.

Remember, everyone gets 1GB of free Silhouette Cloud storage for design they've created. There is unlimited Cloud storage for designs purchased through the Silhouette Design Store.

Learn more about Silhouette Cloud and how to update Silhouette Studio so all your designs transfer!

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  1. What's the difference between v2 and v3?

  2. I usually back up my library to an external usb drive but can't find that option now, any ideas?

    1. The cloud version has removed the option to back up your library (really export your library)
      From Sil America:
      Will I lose anything when I update?
      The only feature removed from the previous software version is the ability to export your Library. This is no longer needed since the Library is backed up to the Silhouette Cloud.
      Can I opt out of the Cloud with the new version?

      No. If you do not wish to use the Cloud, you may stay on an older version of Silhouette Studio. Going forward, all new versions will include the Cloud, but you can always use an older software version.

      This is why the recommendation to keep both versions, to preserve that ability. First we lose export as svg, now we lose ability to export library.

    2. You can still back up and export your entire library.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I have Designer Edition - When I click on "save as" I do not get an option "save to hard drive" or to that new with the latest version? (Thank you for your great site and for sharing your knowledge)

  5. Between the latest V3 update (cloud) and upgrading to the Designs Edition, I can't find the new folder function in the library. Did they do away with this feature?

  6. How do you print this?

  7. How do you print these instructions?

  8. I would like to know if we can print these instructions of all of the lessons you send us each day, are they or will be in a book?

  9. I just upgraded to the new version and now most of my designs are in the cloud and I cannot move them over to local. Drag and Drop doesn't work for me.
    Can someone help me to get my library to local?

  10. is there a way to add the artist and description of a file when saving. earlier versions showed the show properties side panel when saving a file, but now its seems you have to save the file first and then go back and add what type of file it is, the description and artist info.


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