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Best Font Identifier Site for Silhouette Studio Projects

If I had a quarter for every person who's asked me "What font is this?" over the last two years, I could retire. Today.

But since I don't...I guess I'll just share with you how you can go about identifying fonts to use in your Silhouette projects.

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There are a lot of font identifier sites out there. Some work better than others.  Some only work on a good day. All of them work better than me - because, unless it's Times New Roman, I have to be honest, I haven't a clue! 

Silhouette School weekly contributor Becky Dykes from My Paper Craze is here to share the best  online font identifier site she's come across.
 I'm frequently frustrated because I can't get fonts to match inspiration project I want to try to duplicate.   I used to try those font identifying sites only to be even more discouraged because they couldn't match up the font either. Well, today, we may have found a solution to your troubles with an identifying website that actually works:
Now truth be told, there's no one site that is going to be able to identify every single font out there (or in your library or mine). BUT, it's nice to at least identify the more popular ones. I found this trick useful when I accidentally deleted my font files and I had to find the ones I couldn't remember.
So start by finding an image of the font you want to identify and save it to your computer.

Keep in mind that the picture needs to be good quality with a font isolated and easy to read. You also don't need a whole bunch of text, you just need a few key characters. Since I do mock-ups for my customers, I generally have and save screenshots of my work for proofing. For this example, I uploaded the image you see here.

Start by going to

On the very first page, you'll find the spot to upload your image (it says "Upload the font image file"). Click "Browse" to locate the file on your computer.

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After you have the file location, you can click "Continue". Now, one thing I'd like to point out, if you have a dark background, then you'll want to select that option before moving on. Just something to keep in mind.
Once your photo us uploaded to the website, the image will be broken down to highlight the individual characters.  This is how the software will identify the font. Under each letter image, you'll type in the corresponding letter with the appropriate capitalization.

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There's a few more instructions, be sure to read over them for any special characters or combined letters. Sometimes, you'll just leave it blank, you don't want to confuse the software, either.

At the bottom, you can also identify if you want to (1) display all fonts, (2) display only free fonts or free alternatives or (3) display only commercial fonts or commercial alternatives. I chose to continue without selecting, and the website defaulted to display all fonts.
When you click 'Continue', you will be given a list of generated fonts that should either be a perfect match or a very close match.

In this case, my font ended up being number 9 on the list, so don't be discourage if you don't see the correct font right away.

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There are several things that I like about the display options. First, it tells you the name of the font, which is the first objective of identifying the font you need. Second, it gives you a link of where to download the font. Third, it briefly tells you if it's a free font, commercial font, etc. I wouldn't rely strictly on that information, but it's nice to know before you download it.

If you ever have questions about fonts or what you can do with them, it's always best to consult the designer.

Even if the site doesn't give you a direct link, you can find most fonts by name by performing a simple google search to see where to download it. This helps if you are trying to locate a specific license type, such as commercial use. Many designers who offer their fonts free for personal use also have licensing options for commercial use. Just something to consider, you know these licensing types and copyrights can be tricky!

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  1. I have over 60,000 fonts in my collection, so finding the right font at the right time can be one huge headache waiting to happen. I've used the site you've recommended so many times and love it. I also love and can't live without NexusFont. It's been a dream to use since the days of my Craftrobo :)

  2. Wow. I never knew about font identifier sites. Thank you for sharing such a GREAT resource.

  3. This didn't work at all :( I was trying to figure out the font you used for "Identifying fonts" in the title picture :(

  4. THANK YOU for telling us about this site! I had created a sample poster for a friend a few years ago (it took her this long to find a frame she liked), and I had flattened the image, so lost all font info. I remembered that you had mentioned this site on FB. I was able to find both fonts with this site!

  5. It asked me to download some kind of extension after I had already uploaded my image. Seems a little fishy so I did not proceed, I wish it has work.


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