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22 of My Favorite Silhouette & Crafty Items to Put on Your Holiday Wish List!

I hope you've all been 'Nice' this year because I've got a LONG list of Silhouette-related crafting items you're gonna want to put on your holiday wish list!
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This list includes some of my favorite Silhouette-related items and some crafty must-haves that Silhouette School readers say they just can't craft live without.

If you have someone in your life who needs a friendly nudge, then just go ahead and forward this along. It makes for some easy shopping or do a little pre-holiday shopping for yourself.
  1. Heat Press - If you are a serious Silhouette users who uses HTV regularly or sells your creations at all a heat press is a MUST HAVE! Put it at the top of your so ;).  Here's the exact press I have...and my review and tutorial on how to use it! 
  2. Samantha Font - My favorite go-to font and one that, once you've figured out with the help of my How to Use the Samantha Font in Silhouette tutorial, will quickly become yours too! Grab it while it's on sale for just $37 for the whole family! 
  3. The Ultimate Silhouette Guide ebook -  The only Silhouette guide you'll need to get the absolute most out your machine...written by yours truly! 
  4. Silhouette Studio Designer Edition - Here are 13 reasons to upgrade to Silhouette Studio Designer Edition. What more can I say..
  5. Silhouette Mint Stamp Machine - If you're a stamper or paper crafter or just into making your own custom stamps, the Silhouette Mint makes it fun and easy.  Go for a bundle to get some extra stamp kits.
  6. Silhouette Roll Feeder - Tired of your vinyl slipping from under the rollers as you cut?  The roll feeder fixes that by keeping the vinyl in a perfect line and by taking the weight off the machine which can cause the vinyl to slip.  Can be used with both the CAMEO and Portrait. 
  7. Replacement mat(s) - Because who doesn't need another mat or 4!
  8. Glossy Printable Sticker Paper - I recently discovered this 100 pack of glossy printable sticker paper and it's my new go-to for stickers. It prints beautifully and has a nice glossy finish, plus the paper quality and thickness are ideal and it cuts like butter on the Silhouette. 
  9. Rhinestone Brush - The rhinestone brush from The Rhinestone World makes getting rhinestones into the template a breeze and with no flipping required.
  10. 24" Cutting Mat - Get better longer cuts, by cutting with the 24" mat. Definitely worth the money! 
  11. Silhouette Deep Cut Blade - You're going to have to trust me on this one - I just got the blade and tested it out and am LOVE! I will have a tutorial on the blog asap with the thicker materials that can be cut with it - and their cut settings.
  12. Silhouette School HTV Starter Pack - New to HTV or just want a variety pack? Grab the Silhouette School HTV Starter Pack from Expressions Vinyl. It includes:
    • 1- Natural Tote Bag
    • 1- 12x12 EasyWeed Black
    • 1- 12x12 EasyWeed White
    • 1- 9x12 EV Premium HTV Fuschia
    • 1- 9x12 Glitter HTV Jade
    • 1- 9x12 Glitter HTV Red
    • 1- 12x12 Stripflock HTV Pale Blue
  13. Silhouette School (Adhesive) Vinyl Starter Pack - New to vinyl or just want a variety pack? Grab the Silhouette School Vinyl Starter Pack from Expressions Vinyl. It includes:
    • 1- Application Tool
    • 2- 12x12 Paper Transfer Tape 
    • 2- 12x12 Clear Transfer Tape 
    • 1- 12x12 Ultra Glitter Gold
    • 1- 12x12 Removable/Indoor White
    • 1- 12x12 Removable/Indoor Black
    • 1- 12x12 Permanent/Outdoor White
    • 1- 12x12 Permanent/Outdoor Black
    • 1- 8.5x11 Inkjet Printable Vinyl 
    • 1- 12x12 Turquoise/White Polka Dot
    • 1- 12x12 Etched Glass Silver
  14. Extra blades - Because who doesn't need another blade or 4!
  15. PixScan Mat - The Silhouette PixScan mat is well worth the $14.99 price tag for cutting pre-printed cuts and very precise cuts on things like photos.  You can also make double sided designs with it and it helps with precision on very small items.
  16. PicMonkey Royale Package - Upgrade to PicMonkey's paid Royale Package for just $33 for 12 months.  Get access to all the fonts, all the designs and a whole lot more awesomeness. All PicMonkey designs can be saved and traced in Silhouette Studio to be cut however you wish! 
  17. Ultra Point Tweezers - Never struggle with weeding again!  These ultra point tweezers make removing even the smallest pieces of vinyl a breeze.
  18. Assortment of Blanks - Get a wide assortment of blanks for Punch Place Plus. Whether you want to make a burlap garden flag or decorate a wipe case or make yourself a custom can get pretty much any kind of blank you can imagine here.
  19. Assorted Color Vinyl Pack - Who doesn't need 30 sheets of every color of vinyl imaginable. I love this pack of 12x24" vinyl sheets. It comes in both matte and glossy for whichever you prefer. Remember matte is indoor/removable/631 equivalent and glossy is outdoor/permanent/651 equivalent.
  20. Xyron - Grab a Xyron machine to make your own adhesive backed paper or stickers.  This tool is awesome for scrapbooking. You can also use it to laminate and make magnets.  Comes in three sizes!
  21. Amy Chomas Engraving Tip - Engrave your own designs with this one of a kind engraving tip that's perfectly adaptable with the Silhouette machines. Works in Portrait, CAMEO and Curio
  22. Amy Chomas Sketch Pen Holder - The Chomas Sketch Pen holder is adjustable to fit pretty much any of your writing instruments from sharpies to thin markers to pens and pencils.  Works in Portrait, CAMEO and Curio
      Note: This post may contain affiliate links. By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links, I receive a small commission. That's what helps fund Silhouette School so I can keep buying new Silhouette-related products to show you how to get the most out of your machine! 

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      1. i ordered my starter bundle this morn. i've had my cameo for over 2 yrs now and it's time to upgrade to a 'younger model'. lol my christmas present to myself. great buy with 2 mats, 2 blades and the sketch pens.

      2. Thank you for the tip on Amazon's flash deal. My husband bought me the older model a couple of years ago for Christmas and I mentioned this one this morning and he ordered it for me, a early Christmas present. Glad I got it before it went away.

      3. The sticker paper you posted about in the 22 things you should have says ink jet in the description. I use only laser. Have you tried printing on it with laser?

      4. Still a Silhouette "newbie" and very much appreciate all of the information you provide us every day. Silhouette School is one of my daily must-read blogs.

        Question: If I can print stickers on the sticker paper you listed then why would I need a Xyron? I love crafter gadgets but if I bought them all I'd have no workspace!!


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