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Adorable Watermelon Card (Free Silhouette Studio Cut File)

It's time for another round of Freebie Friday.  Is there any food that screams 'summer' more than watermelon? I think not.

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So in the spirit (or perhaps dream) of endless summer, I thought I'd share a free watermelon .Studio cut file with you this week.  I love designs like this one that are super cute (IMHO) and are suuuupper easy to design.

Seriously all I did to create this file in Silhouette Studio is...
  • Draw an oval (1) 
  • Internal offset of the oval (2) 
  • Fill ovals with green and pink/red
  • Draw tiny oval (for seeds) (3) 
  • Replicate 16-20x for seeds 
  • Draw a line (4) 
  • Align line across center of ovals 
  • Turn line to perforated line style
  • Draw oblong oval (for bite) (5)
  • Rotate 3 copies 
  • Weld place "bite" 
  • Select everything and turn Line Color to 'Transparent'
  • Mark bite, perforated center line, and outer oval as 'Cut' 
  • Everything else as "No Cut"

Silhouette Studio, free cut file, watermelon card, Free studio files for silhouette, Free svg files for silhouette

BUUUUT since I love you I did it all for you...although you know me, my theory is more along the lines of 'teach a man to fish...' so I did want to quickly show you how it's done.  Easy, right?!

Fortunately for you, you can skip all that and simply download the file before adding the registration marks and printing and cutting. 

Silhouette Studio, free cut file, watermelon card, Silhouette Cameo, paper cuttingSilhouette Studio, free cut file, watermelon card, Silhouette Cameo, paper cards

Silhouette Studio, free cut file, watermelon card, Silhouette Cameo, card making

You can even get a little more fancy schmancy and change the colors by ungrouping the design and filling the pieces with different colors, gradients, or patterns.

Silhouette Studio, free cut file, watermelon card,  Free studio files for silhouette, Free svg files for silhouette

Head over and download Watermelon Card Studio File and start making your watermelon cards!! 

Enjoy...but please remember, as are all cut files on Silhouette School, it's for personal use only!

Thanks for coming to class today at Silhouette School.  If you like what you see, I'd love for you to pin it!

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  1. thanks so much--love your blog and email lessons

  2. Thank you! Need to ask, why two files? Don't see the difference. I'm a newbie! :)

    1. Look at your copy of Designer Edition under "Help." Go down to the last item "About Silhouette Studio" and click on it. It will say V2 or V3. The difference is if you downloaded the last upgrade. If you did, use the V3 files.

  3. At the risk of sounding completely stupid, how does it get colored? I get how the file that's sent to the Cameo is colored, how does the card that gets cut get colored?

  4. I think the file names are switched with what they actually are.
    Thanks for the file! I love your free downloads and really appreciate them.

  5. Thanks for providing the directions for us to learn to do it ourselves. I am fairly new to my Cameo and purchased it because of it's design capabilities so appreciate the assist in the learning curve. Love your blog and all the help and information you provide.

  6. Thank you Melissa. You do make our craft fun!!!!!


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