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Custom Ring Holder (And 20+ DIY Gifts)

DIY, do it yourself, ring dish, Silhouette tutorial

It's Silhouette Challenge time again and this month's theme is DIY Gifts. It's something that's near and dear to my heart as it's what my Etsy and customization business is based on handmade, custom gifts.  Today I thought I'd share a really easy tutorial on making DIY ring holders. These are the perfect gifts for ladies for pretty much any occasion - bridesmaids gifts, teacher gifts, a co-worker holiday gift exchange, a neighbor...

While these are transformed into beautiful ring dishes in just a few minutes, they don't start off that way.  In fact Target, which sells them for about $2 a piece, has them labeled as dip dishes (the nerve!)

DIY, do it yourself, ring dish, Silhouette tutorial, blankDIY, do it yourself, ring dish, Silhouette tutorial, blank

Now you can put any design on the bottom of your ring holder that you want - monograms are always popular or a Mr. and Mrs. design or just a "Mrs." I decided to go with Rings and Sparkly Things. I typed out my design and sized it according to the dimensions of the inside bottom of the dip dish.

Because the font I went with is so thin, I put a slight offset around it to make it just slightly thicker and easier to cut. If you need a refresher on cutting thin fonts check out this tutorial. 

DIY, do it yourself, ring dish, Silhouette tutorial, offset

Once the text was all ready I used the circle tool to draw a small circle. I then replicated the circle about 15-20 times. These would be my polka dots.   I did not position my polka dots around my design as this would be too hard to place on the rounded inside of the bowl.  I place them individually after I put down the big design.

I have cut the ring dish designs in both glitter silver and gold - both available from Expressions Vinyl. The key to cutting such a small design on glitter vinyl is to slow down the speed to help prevent the blade from tearing the intricate design.

Once the design is cut, weed it and cut it apart from the polka dots. I like to use clear transfer tape to move the design into the dish - this way I can see exactly where the design will be placed.  Use the Silhouette scraper to burnish the design and then peel away the transfer tape.

DIY, do it yourself, ring dish, Silhouette tutorial

You can use that same piece of transfer tape to pick up a few polka dots at a time and randomly put them along the inside sides of the ring holders.

DIY, do it yourself, ring dish, Silhouette tutorial, text, polka dots

How cute is that?  I just love fact I can't keep them in stock!

DIY, do it yourself, ring dish, Silhouette tutorial, text, polka dots

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