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eBook Update...

Hey guys..Melissa here. This post is one I've been thinking about for weeks...months actually. It's been stirring around in my head about how and what to say about this.  And so I'm just going to say the truth and the truth is life is busy.

I've built Silhouette School on honest reviews and pride myself on the "customer service" part of it...being in touch with all of you and offering quick and useful help where and when I can.   I've made you a promise and I will keep it - in due time.   It was my hope and my full intention to get the ebook out in December.  I have so much to say and so much to show you. I know so many of you are looking forward to it and need it to help you with using your machines.  But it's just not going to happen in December.  Setback after setback have....well, set me back.

This is not intended to be anything more than a simple explanation, one I think you all deserve, of why there is a delay.  I can only hope that each and every one of you can understand that while this is my business and I love EVERY second of it, my first 'job' is mom those will always and obviously be my first loves. :)

Let me take a quick minute to explain briefly what has gone into all of this because there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of Silhouette School to keep it running smoothly as I shared, in probably way too much detail, in my first 'behind the scenes' update.  First there were legal delays in getting the book off the ground.  Then writing started and for nearly a week I didn't stop writing.  Of course, on top of writing the ebook I was also writing daily tutorials.  It took a huge toll on my wrist enough that I needed X-rays and thankfully only a brace and a warning from my doctor who said, "Wear a brace and lay've irritated it and it's going to be painful until you rest it...significantly."   I did take about a week break from the book and my wrist got better.

But in the meantime the busy holiday season started and my Etsy shop, which does about 90% of it's business in the last quarter, took off. I literally could not keep up with the blog, Etsy, my local customization business, an upcoming vendor/craft show and two little kiddos who deserve my attention when they are home and awake!

I have to admit, however, I am not quite as superwoman-ish as some of you have so kindly written to tell me.  Over the last few months I have started forming a little team to help support me and make sure nothing takes a back seat or gets's the next best thing since I still haven't figured out that whole clone thing.

It's super important for me to stress though that the ONLY person writing on the blog, aside from the guest posts that are clearly marked that way, is me.  There are no phantom writers...and there won't be on the ebook either - which is why I have had to make the very tough decision to delay its release.  I need to do it and I need to do it right.

There's also no one else on Silhouette School's Facebook page. The blog and the FB page are my babies and it's me you're getting 100% of the time.  I have found a formula that works for them and I will not hand over control to anyone else - promise! But as I said,  I have wonderful support system in the way of two assistants who help with various projects mostly on the Etsy side and most importantly I have a husband and family who 100% supports this as my business and not just my creative release.

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm just a SAHM with a creative bone who can't sit still and needs every excuse in the book to avoid mopping the floor.  I'm a former TV news producer who thrives on the adrenaline that comes with being busy and loves to write and be crafty. I'm so thankful, grateful and humbled that Silhouette School - still not even a year old - has taken off the way it has and been embraced by all of you.   We grow at an amazingly overwhelming rate. We are visited by thousands and thousands of you on the blog every single day and the Facebook page grows like I've never seen before - and right now these are my (business) priorities.

I am currently sitting here having been on medication for shingles for more than a week now.  I have learned that I need to know where to cut back and while I hate that I can't keep my promise to all of you in the way of the ebook's December release, I hope you all understand that something that has to give and right now that's the book.  I can assure you that it will be out.  It will be out just as soon as I can get to it and make it the absolutely best Silhouette resource out there.

Thank you for your trust, your recommendations, your feedback and comments

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