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Trick to Creating (Better) Silhouette Studio Library Thumbnails for Your Own Designs

I get asked quite a bit about how to make better library thumbnail images in the Silhouette Studio library for user created designs.

silhouette studio library images thumbnails previews
When you purchase a design from the Silhouette Design Store a thumbnail image or preview of the design in its final form is automatically generated for you.

silhouette studio images library preview thumbnails

But if you design your own files in Silhouette Studio - and hopefully you are (ahem with the help of the Ultimate Silhouette Guide to Designing ecourse- sometimes the thumbnails in Silhouette Studio aren't ideal.  Sometimes they show up so small you can't tell at a glance what the design actually is. Look at that design above the arrows in the screen grab above as a good example of a bad thumbnail image.

The trick is all in how you lay out your design in the work area before you save it.

Let's take this flower for example....if I keep all the pieces separated in the work space when I save the flower design to my Silhouette Studio library, that is exactly the thumbnail that will be generated.

So this...

designing in silhouette studio tutorial, save images, save preview

saves as this...

Silhouette studio library tutorial, silhouette studio beginner tutorials

That's kinda not helpful.

But if I build the flower in Silhouette Studio as it would be put together after it's cut and assembled (no matter how big it is the work space), including filling it with color using the Fill Color tool, and then save the design to my library, I get a much more ideal Silhouette Studio library thumbnail image.

make your own designs in silhoeutte studio, create own designs, Silhouette Studio design tutorial

Keep in mind, if you have anything off screen, but still in the same work area, it will show up in the thumbnail image, as well.

silhouette studio tutorials, silhouette studio beginners, how to use silhouette cameo

That means it's not possible to save a finished version on the virtual mat with the separated layers off to the side without the design preview saving just the same way.

organize silhouette studio library, organize silhouette studio, silhouette cameo videos help tutorials

So that's all there is to it - if you want easy to view thumbnails in your Silhouette Studio library, you have to build your designs in their final form before you save!

silhouette studio library  images preview thumbnails

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