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Make Any Design a Split Design in Silhouette Studio

Split designs are perfect for adding customization so they're really popular with Silhouette crafters. But did you know you can actually turn any design into a split design in just a few minutes in Silhouette Studio?  True story!
Silhouette Studio split design, Silhouette tutorial

Start by opening up your design in Silhouette Studio. I'm using this anchor design I had in my library.

Silhouette Studio anchor design

Click the Draw a Rectangle tool from the left sidebar and draw out a long narrow rectangle.

Duplicate the rectangle. To duplicate it exactly below so the rectangles stay centered I use the Command + Down Arrow key method.  (Read more on this replication method in this post on my 7 favorite Keyboard Shortcuts for Silhouette Studio).

Silhouette Studio tip, Silhouette tutorial, duplicate, keyboard shortcut

Select the bottom rectangle and hold down Shift while tapping the down arrow a few times until the two rectangles are spaced to your liking.

Group the rectangles and place them over the center of your design.  If eyeballin' it isn't your style you can use the align tool to make sure the rectangles are centered over the design.

Select the rectangles and the design this time.  Go to the Modify tool along the top tool bar and click 'Subtract All'.
Silhouette Studio tutorial, subtract all

The space behind the rectangles is deleted, but the little space between them is still there and needs to be deleted.  If you can't click that little piece right click > ungroup (or click the Ungroup tool along the top tool bar) and then delete that area.

Silhouette Studio tutorial, ungroup

Now you have your two rectangles over your design...if you try to weld at this point nothing will happen because the rectangles are next to, but not overlapping the original design.

The easiest thing to do is select both the rectangles and open the Offset tool.  Click 'Offset' and then be sure the offset is set to 'corner'. Adjust the offset distance to anywhere from .025-.015 and click Apply.

Silhouette Studio tutorial, offset, offset corner

Don't even worry about deleting the original rectangles at this point. Just select the entire design and all the rectangles by making one big swoop with the mouse around your design.

Right click and weld (or tap the weld tool on the top tool bar (Business edition)/bottom tool bar (basic and DE).

Silhouette Studio tutorial, weld button

And there you go!  Now just add your text in whatever font you want!

Silhouette Studio tutorial, split design, anchor image
TIP: If you need a little more space for the text, select the bottom half of the design and use the arrow keys to move it down a little bit. The reason you want to use the arrow keys and the not the mouse is so it stays aligned with the top half of the design.

Vinyl car decal, do it yourself decal, split design

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