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Rhinestone Tools for Silhouette: Why I'm Giving Rhinestones a Second Chance

It's been almost a year since I've worked with rhinestones alongside my Silhouette. If you're at all familiar with using Rhinestones with your Silhouette you know it can be a tedious process. Well, I'm thrilled to tell you that because of some new rhinestone tools I'm giving rhinestones a second chance. 

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And...not only that...but I have a whole bunch of awesome projects and rhinestone tutorials to share with you now that we're back to being friends again.
First of all you need to know the secret to success and that's having the right tools.  The Rhinestone World is a company devoted almost exclusively to rhinestones.  They've sent me a bunch of goodies to test out and review. You guys know how I roll - if I don't like something, I'm gonna tell you to pass, if I love it, I'm gonna tell you to get it asap!  I can tell you this: The Rhinestone World has what I am crowning the world's best rhinestone tools.  Not sure that's a 'thing', but I am making it one if it's not.

Let's start with the rhinestone flock - the pink flock is what you cut your rhinestone designs on. With this flock you get a perfect cut every time using the recommended Rhinestone settings in Silhouette Studio.

Silhouette Cameo, rhinestones, essential tools, tools

With the Silhouette brand I found that I had to rip the flock off like a bandaid and was still left to pop out circles - but having cut at least a dozen designs on the pink flock from The Rhinestone World that was almost never the case.

Silhouette Cameo, rhinestones, essential tools, tools

Now the tools...I.hate.flipping.rhinestones. Flipping as in flipping over, not as in some derogatory adjective for rhinestones although I may have let out a few while flipping rhinestones.  The secret to no flipping is having the right brush and these are the two you want.  After you've peeled up your Silhouette template and placed it on a backing, you want to pour a whole ton of rhinestones right smack in the middle of the design. Pour more.

Silhouette Cameo, rhinestones, essential tools, tools

Now take the rhinestone brush and in a circular motion move the rhinestones around. Isn't it amazing how 99% of them go into the wholes facing up!  If you have a few rhinestones that are flipped over the wrong way, use the brush to bring a bunch more into that area and again in a circular motion move the rhinestones around and you'll notice the rhinestones and brush will do the work for you.

For smaller and more detailed areas, use the smaller rhinestone brush to move the rhinestones into place - again working in a circular motion.  Only use a straight swipe across the rhinestones when you want to move them out of the way.

Silhouette Cameo, rhinestones, essential tools, tools, brush

If for some reason you get a stubborn one that just won't flip over - no worries.  Use some flat edge tweezers - they're perfect for picking up individual rhinestones.

Silhouette Cameo, rhinestones, essential tools, tools, tweezers

After your design is all set and the rhinestones are all flipped the correct way, use the transfer material to pick up the rhinestones.  Now you can move them to the surface where you want to adhere them.

All of these tools makes working with rhinestones so much more fun, not to mention FAST!  I have been working with lots of rhinestones lately testing out all of these tools and materials and I have to say it's actually been enjoyable! I'm not a rhinestones wearing-kinda girl, but rhinestones aren't just for clothes. You can add them to your paper projects...

Silhouette Cameo, rhinestones, essential tools, tools

...or even make rhinestone decals for your car, walls, laptop case or Silhouette.

Silhouette Cameo, rhinestones, essential tools, tools

Be on the lookout for more rhinestone tutorials on Silhouette School in the coming weeks and months.

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