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Resticking Silhouette Mat: Cutting Mat Spray Adhesive Review

Silhouette Cutting Mat, cutting mat spray adhesive, review

If you've been a Silhouette users for more than a few months you've probably met a mat that's lost its stick.  There are several ways to clean up a Silhouette cutting mat and I've even shared a tutorial in the past about how to re-stick a mat with spray adhesive.  But recently I came across this Sizzix adhesive that's specifically for cutting mats.  In fact it's called Sizzix Cutting Mat Spray Adhesive.
NOTE: I purchased this product, it was not given to me nor have I been in any contact with the company who makes or sells it.
The product claims to be able to be a cutting mat spray that will create a "tacky repositional bond that will hold materials in place."  So I decided to put it to the test on an old Silhouette cutting mat that had lost its stick, thus not holding the materials in place while cutting, to see if I could restick a Silhouette cutting mat effectively.

Silhouette Cutting Mat, cutting mat spray adhesive, review
Before we go any further....use the spray adhesive at your own risk! I suggest, if you decide to restick your mat in this way, you don't do this until after your warranty period on your machine is up since you don't want to do anything to risk voiding the 1 year manufacturer warranty.  

The first thing I did was clean off my mat.  You want the cutting mat as free from grime, dust, and fibers as possible.  I used my Silhouette spatula and some painters tape to clean off my mat.  You can also clean with some warm water and a mild soap as discussed in this tutorial.

Once the mat was clean and dry, I placed it on a hard surface and used 2" wide painters tape to tape it down.  The tape serves two purposes:
  1. It keeps the mat in place while you spray on the adhesive
  2. It protects the marginal edges of the cutting mat that should NOT be in contact with the adhesive since they go under the rollers of the machine.
Silhouette Cutting Mat, cutting mat spray adhesive, review

Now it's time to spray a light, even coat of the Sizzix Adhesive Cutting Mat Spray onto the mat.

After spraying...walk away. Just let the mat sit for about 30 minutes.  It doesn't dry per say, but it becomes tacky.

Silhouette Cutting Mat, cutting mat spray adhesive, review

After about a half hour, I returned and could see that the coat I sprayed onto the mat was not actually an even layer. You can see there are some areas in the center that don't look to be coated at all. 

Silhouette Cutting Mat, cutting mat spray adhesive, review

If this is the case for you too, then spray another light layer in those area to make sure the mat is evenly coated.

I waited until the following day before using my newly "restickied" mat for the first time.

Silhouette Cutting Mat, cutting mat spray adhesive, review

I am happy to say that the spray adhesive worked well at keeping a sheet of vinyl in place while it was cut.  This was a mat that literally had no stick left and everything was slipping around.

Silhouette Cutting Mat, cutting mat spray adhesive, review, Silhouette Cameo

When I peeled the piece of vinyl off the mat, in one small area, a thin layer of the vinyl backing sort of stuck to the mat.   It wasn't a big deal and the vinyl was definitely still useable and cuttable.

Silhouette Cutting Mat, cutting mat spray adhesive, review

I've been cutting on this mat now for more than a week and no problems!  All of my materials are sticking great and releasing nicely. 

I will say that the cutting mat spray leaves the mat feeling a little more "crunchy" or stiff than it was originally.  But, for the price, with how many cutting mats a single can could re-stick and with the extended life it gives each mat - it's a great tool to have in the shed!

I definitely will still buy new cutting mats from time to time, but I'd estimate the Sizzix Cutting Mat Adhesive Spray will help cut the number of Silhouette cutting mats I buy in a year in half.

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