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Adding HTV to Stuffed Animals (Heat Press or Iron)

HTV, heat transfer vinyl, stuffed animals, heat press, iron

As my friend put it to me: "I need another stuffed animal like I need a hole in the head."  Girl, I'm right there with you...but when I gave this "sample" to my daughter she was instantly IN LOVE..and promptly made her bunny a bed and read it a story! And when I shared it on my local Facebook business page the crowd went wild.  So while you may not need another stuffed animal, your kids or grandkids are gonna love it - especially when you add their name to it and put it in their Easter basket.

First things first: stock up on these cute little guys (don't blame me if you can't find them in Delaware ;)) . They're from Dollar Tree. Yes, they're a buck.   I may be off base here, but the cream colored bunnies are the cutest of the bunch.

HTV, heat transfer vinyl, stuffed animals, heat press, iron

I think what works best about them is that the fur is short which allows the HTV to really stuck on there. Plus they're not overly stuffed so the heat press and iron are able to get a nice tight seal.

HTV, heat transfer vinyl, stuffed animals, heat press, ironOpen up Silhouette Studio and type out the name. I made sure the name was about 2" to fit on the stuffed animal's belly.  Obviously if you have a larger stuffed animal, you can adjust the size.

If you're working with a thin font, it's a good idea to put an offset (.010-.025 depending on the font/font size) around it to thicken it up a little bit and give the HTV a better chance of getting a good stuck.  Here's a more detailed tutorial on thickening up thin fonts in Studio.

Mirror the text and send it to cut.

Have your heat press or iron warming up and remove the tags from the stuffed animal.

After you've weeded the HTV, stick it right on the little guy's belly.

HTV, heat transfer vinyl, stuffed animals, heat press, iron

Heat Press Directions:  (310 degree, 20 seconds)

HTV, heat transfer vinyl, stuffed animals, heat press, iron

Place the animal so the head is sticking out the top or the sides of the press.  You don't want the head in there for a few reasons: the heat will melt the eyes and the head will prevent you from getting a good stick.

Place the teflon sheet over the stuffed animal like a blanket and close the top of the heat press.  When the 20 seconds is up open it up and remove the clear backing.

If you feel like the HTV needs a little bit better stick, flip the animal over and press again.

Iron Directions:  (Medium-High Heat, 30 seconds)

Place the animal on the floor (put a towel under the little guy if you're nervous about the heat from the
iron near the floor) and put a thin sheet of fabric over it.  Then place your iron on top of the sheet and press down firmly.

You are doing this on the floor so you can put a lot of pressure into the iron - getting resistance from the floor.  I'm always afraid my iron will give-way if I put too much pressure on it.  Keep the iron on there for 30 seconds.

Then peel up a corner of the clear HTV backing ensuring the HTV is sticking to the stuffed animal. If it's not, repeat with more heat and more pressure.

HTV, heat transfer vinyl, stuffed animals, heat press, iron
That's all there is to adding HTV to stuffed animals!

These seriously can't get much easier - or cuter!

HTV, heat transfer vinyl, stuffed animals, heat press, iron

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  1. Did you adjust the pressure setting on the press? And the photo of the bunny's head sticking out of the press had me smiling. I see another trip to the dollar store in the immediate future.

    Thanks for another novel idea.


  2. I bought some of these plushies for my daycare kids for our Easter party!!! I just got my heat press last week but don't have much HTV colors to choose from. Will have to get creative!! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Just finished some...they are adorable! Thanks for the great idea!

  4. I just bought the same cream colored bunnies today for my daughters! Thanks for the tutorial. I can't wait to try this!

  5. Have you tried toys on long haired animals?
    Can they be washed?
    Any particular type of iron on work best?

  6. Have you tried toys on long haired animals?
    Can they be washed?
    Any particular type of iron on work best?

  7. Is there any chance you could tell me the brand of the little bunny. My little one had one and she lost it. I am trying to find her a replacement. I came across this picture by searching on google. I will really appreciate any information on the tag that might lead me to finding a new one. Thanks.

    1. I just found this bunny at The Dollar Tree.


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