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How to Find Free Commercial Fonts: Silhouette Tutorial

Silhouette tutorial, commercial use fonts, free
If you're looking for places to find free commercial fonts to use with your Silhouette, well, today's your lucky day!  Many fonts are for personal use only, but if you're selling items that include text you'll either need the commercial license or to find free commercial fonts.  Fortunately for you there are a few really easy ways to find free commercial fonts!

Remember, fonts downloaded and installed on your computer, when Silhouette Studio is closed, will automatically appear in your font list the next time to open up the software.  If you need a step by step tutorial on fonts and Silhouette Studio, check out this tutorial.

Now, let's get down to business. is one of my favorite places to start when looking for fonts.   

Silhouette tutorial, commercial use fonts, free,

If you click on a category from the homepage you'll notice that all of the fonts have the use-type above the download button.   Some say For Personal Use Only...100% Free...Demo...Shareware...

We're looking for 100% free or Public Domain to use commercially.

Silhouette tutorial, personal use fonts, free

But instead of just scrolling through all the fonts in a category, it's easier to filter them!  When you click on a font category (in red) you'll get a few filter options.

The most important one, in my opinion, is that little tiny "More Options" link there. Yeah, it's easy to miss..but I'm telling you it's like a hidden gem.

Silhouette tutorial, commercial use fonts, free, more options

When you click on More Options > then click on one of the font categories >  check the boxes 100% free and Public Domain you'll be given only the fonts that can be used commercially.  Then click on Submit. Be sure to click submit or your filters won't filter. :)

Silhouette tutorial, commercial use fonts, free,

Now all the fonts in your list are either 100% free or public domain which, on, indicates you can use them commercially.  So just find the one you like and click Download to start the installation process.

Silhouette tutorial, commercial use fonts, free,

***It's always a good idea to read the fine print. The fine print comes with the font as one of the download files so be sure to read it!  Silhouette School blog takes NO responsibility for improperly used fonts!  

Another awesome place to find free commercial fonts to use in your Silhouette creations is Font Squirrel.  The website's claim to fame is 100% free for commercial use your fingertips!  There's no filtering even needed because they've done all the work for you.

Silhouette tutorial, commercial use fonts, free, font squirrel

Again, double check the fine print on all commercial fonts...ain't nobody got time to get busted by the font police.

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