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How to Remove Heat Transfer Vinyl Mistakes made an ooops and now you want to remove heat transfer vinyl from a shirt or other fabric. While it's not meant to be removed, there is a way to remove HTV if necessary.

The secret is Goo Gone.

I'm using an old onesie and a scrap piece of HTV to demonostrate here's what my onesie looked like before my HTV mistake.

And there's my oops...

So what you want to try to do, if possible, is to remove the HTV as soon as you realize your mistake.  First you want to re-heat the heat transfer vinyl with your iron.   Set the iron right on the vinyl to warm it up.

If you can start picking from a corner to lift it up and peel it that's great...but most likely it's not going to budge because HTV is meant to stay put.   Now this is there the Goo Gone comes in.  Spray the Goo Gone directly onto the HTV from both the front and from the inside of the garment.

Let it sit on there for a minute or so and again start trying to peel up the HTV from the corner.

Most likely you'll only get small pieces off at a time.  If you need more Goo Gone and more heat, go for it.   I like to spray the Goo Gone and then iron the area for a few seconds before working on removing the HTV for a few minutes and then repeating.

After you've successfully removed the HTV mistake (YAY!), I suggest washing and drying the shirt before reapplying heat transfer vinyl. 

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  1. nice blog !! thanks for sharing such type of information. click here to know more about heat transfer.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I had an (oops) and this helped!

  3. Does the good gone smell stay in clothes? Will HTV stick back to the shirt?

    1. No it does not and it will ruin the shirt leaving a stain where the goo gone was applied.

  4. Hi, can we use this Goo Gone on flocked vinyl?

  5. I tired this today and eventually got my mistakes off the shirt, but I can see where the lettering was on the shirt plus the Goo Gone left stains on the shirt. Is there anything that I can do to remedy these?

  6. I've had success using a hair dryer and steamer. Worked like a charm!

  7. We tried your method using Goo Gone and unfortunately, it does NOT work. Do not recommend using this method. You WILL ruin your shirt. Very disappointed in having to throw away the shirt using this method. Goo Gone left an oily stain where we applied the Goo Gone and it will not come out. Very poor advice!

  8. Here's what works & amazingly!
    1. Goof Off
    2. Spray back & front of oopsie area
    3. Your iron on its honest setting
    4. Make sure your iron is on its steam setting.
    5. Cover any areas you do not want to be effected by removal.
    6. Let Goof Off work some magic for about 5 minutes.
    7. Place your iron about a half inch (1/2") above the area you want to remove & steam for about 10 seconds. Do not touch the design.
    8. Start peeling & quickly. Vinyl will come right off.
    9. Repeat with steam until all you want removed, it removed & wahla!

    1. Did the goof off leave any kinds of stain/spot?

  9. I used Goo Gone and my iron this way tonight and I WAS able to successfully remove the vinyl. To ensure there was no oily stain left behind, I rubbed Wisk liquid detergent into the Goo Gone. It's what I always use to reliably take care of oily stains. I'm confident that with the Goo Gone washed out, I'll be able to redo the vinyl in the area I messed up. (There was a fold I didn't notice before adhering my vinyl and heat pressing it. Just about ruined my day. Day saved now.)

  10. I had a little sliver of glitter vinyl and used Goof Off. It came off easily. No stain. Just re-washing the shirt now.


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