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Print and Cut Silhouette Troubleshooting: Lines Not Printing

The Silhouette Print and Cut tool is one of my favorites features of the die cut machine. It can also be one of the most frustrating when things don't go right.  I was recently creating a print and cut design from scratch.   The tooth fairy receipt, which is part of my tooth fairy kit, prints with several blank lines that need to be filled out by the tooth fairy.  However, I forgot a key step in the design process and the first time I printed the receipt the lines next to 'name', 'age' etc did not show up.   So now I'm here to tell you why the lines aren't printing on print and cut and how to fix it in Silhouette Studio.

Here's how my design looked in Silhouette Studio. Totally looks like the lines are there, filled in, and will print, right? That's what you'd think...

The problem is the line actually has no weight to it.  I know that because unless I manually change it, the Studio default settings give lines a '0' weight as indicated by the "Line Thickness."

To get the lines (those that are simply straight lines or those that are part of a shape like the squares) to print, you need to plump up their thickness.  On every line I changed the thickness to ".05"  And now the lines will print.

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  1. Thanks for the tip. I was going batty trying to figure out why nothing was printing!

  2. my cameo is reading the reg. lines but it wont cut Ive tried the tricks any other ideas??

  3. thank you sooooo much

  4. Is there any way to change the default?

  5. Is there any way to change the default?

  6. Hi, I know this is off the subject here, but I was wondering if you'd be able to tell me how to stop my Cameo from cutting through the sticker paper I'm using? Every time I try to cut stickers out, it literally cuts right through the paper so when I try to take the sheet off, the actual stickers are stuck on the mat. Can you help me please?

  7. OMG!!! You saved my wedding!!!! Thank so much!!!

  8. Bethany, you have to kiss cut the sticker paper.
    OFFSET the image and change the color line to a somehting other than RED.
    Then go to CUT SETTINGS > Advanced > Click the square with the color you used in the OFFSET.
    Scroll down the page to adjust the cutting settings - make sure you have clicked the right color.

    Hope it helps.

  9. hello what kind of printer do you have? Im thinking on changing mine ´cause I am not happy

  10. Why does my Silhouette Cameo cut more than one time around the outlines I choose?

  11. I can't get my Cameo to print and cut correctly. It cuts far to the right of my picture. I've tried recalibration etc and no luck. Grrr. I'm frustrated!

    1. I had this but then realised it was because I had printed within the hatched areas so the optical sensor got muddled with which was it's marks and which was my design. I readjusted my design so that it wasn't printing within the hatched areas and it went back to cutting like a dream.

  12. Your blog has saved me from pulling my hair so many times. Thank you for making this incredible tool availabe ;)

  13. Hello! So I have a similar printing issue - I create my designs in Silhouette studio - once I hit "print" to print it on my printer, it will say "printing page 1" for like 5-10 minutes and won't print ANYTHING at all. No blank page, nothing. Any Ideas? All setting for printing, cutting and the design page are all perfectly input as far as my eyes can see - Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

    -Super Frustrated Silhouette User

  14. I'm doing a project for a class and was happily printing and cutting along, then I had to leave it for a couple of days. When I got back to it, I decided to connect my printer and my Cameo directly to my computer on a table in the garage. When I went back to cutting, I kept getting "registration failed" or it would cut waaayyy off kilter. I tried all the tricks and was getting ready to calibrate my cameo but decided to put a lamp on top of my printer shining onto the Cameo. I read somewhere that the optical light needs to have enough light to read the project. Boom! My cuts came out perfect! Maybe I'm the only one who didn't know this, and if so, excuse my repitition!

    I'm a happy cutter once again!



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