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How to Wirelessly Transfer Embroidery Applique Files to Brother SE2000 (Using Free Brother Artspira App)

I recently upgraded my SE600 Brother embroidery machine to the SE2000 and OMG the technology in this 5x7" embroidery and sewing machine from my starter machine is crazy. 

Embroidery, artspira app, brother se2000, Brother SE600

I have to say the biggest difference is the compatibility with Brother's Artspira app which along with digitizing your own images, also allows you to wirelessly transfer designs from a PC computer or any mobile device to the sewing machine.  

The Brother SE2000 has the ability to connect to your wireless network so you can transfer designs directly from a PC computer or any mobile device directly to the sewing machine.  So while the app will give you access to lots of built in embroidery files, you can also use your own that you've digitized or purchased elsewhere. 

How to Connect Brother SE2000 to Artspira App

In this example I'm going to show you how I quickly moved an embroidery file from So Fontsy to my SE6000. 

One thing to keep in mind is the desktop version of the Brother transfer app is only PC compatible so if you're a MAC user like me...use your phone.  This also works for Android and tablet users as well. 

How to Move Embroidery Files Wirelessly to Brother SE2000

From your computer download and unzip the folder.  

artspira app, embroidery designs, unzip embroidery file

I am using this cute kisses applique embroidery design in the 5x7 size with the PES file type.   

Artspira app, Unzip PES, Embroidery file, Applique file

Since it was on my MAC computer I airdropped the file to my iPhone and it saved in the Files section.

How to Import Files to Brother Artspira App 

Open the Artspira app and click "My Creations" at the bottom then click the + at the top of the screen.  

artspira app, brother se600

Click Import Export Files. 
artspira app, Brother se2000

Find and select your file > click Open. 

Artspira, Brother embroidery machine

In a few seconds the file will appear in the Artspira app. 

Brother Embroidery, Artspira app

Select the file by clicking the thumbnail and click "Done". 

artspire app, embroidery file

This will open a page where you have the option to Transfer the file to the sewing machine. 

Make sure your SE2000 is powered on. In the Artspira app, ensure the correct sewing machine is found and selected at the bottom and then click the Transfer button.  

Brother SE2000, artspira app

The app will tell you when the transfer is complete. 

On the touchscreen of the SE2000 click the little pocket icon. 

Brother SE 2000, touchscreen

On the next screen click the icon with the pocket and cloud.  

Brother SE 2000, embroidery

The screen will tell you to wait and shortly your file will appear in this screen and it will be ready to use. 

Brother SE 2000, Brother SE 600

For this particular file I had cut the applique on glitter HTV with my Silhouette CAMEO 5 and then embroidered. 

Appique, embroidery, Brother

I LOVE the finished look you get with this combination.  

embroidery, applique, Brother

Check out this tutorial for a step by step on how to cut the applique with a Silhouette machine and then embroider with a Brother embroidery machine. The process is the same for the SE600 and SE2000.

silhouette applique, embroidery

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