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How to Get Vinyl to Stick to PVC (Like DIY Drink Pouches)

If you're looking for a fun way to personalize a party, make your own drink pouches and add some vinyl!

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Vinyl doesn't always want to easily stick to PVC...but there is an easy trick so read on. 

Start by grabbing some blank drink pouches on Amazon.  Measure the surface area of the front of the bag so you know how large to cut your vinyl designs. 

Go to File > Merge to import the designs.  I'm using the funny quotes from this Drink Quotes SVG set

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If the design you are using is very thin or has very thin parts, you may want to put an offset around it to increase the thickness of the design. Deleting the original and cutting the offset will leave you with a vinyl decal that has more surface area making it easier to stick to the drink pouch. 

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You can add multiple designs to the same work area and cut them all at the same time by merging in more designs as well. 

When you're ready to cut, move to the Send panel. Adjust the material settings to Vinyl, Glossy. Increase the Force setting to 14, but leave the other settings as the default. 

oracal 651, drink pouches, oracal 631, frozen drink pouches, adhesive vinyl

Cut and weed the vinyl designs. 

oracal 651, drink pouches, oracal 631, vinyl, adhesive vinyl

Use a piece of transfer tape to lift them off the backing of the transfer tape. 

Place each vinyl quote on a drink pouch.  Use a burnishing tool to press the vinyl decal well onto the drink pouch. Finally use a hair dryer or heat gun to provide a shot of heat.  This will help further melt the adhesive making it stick to the PVC. 

oracal 651, drink pouches, oracal 631, vinyl, PVC pouches

Remove the transfer tape and you're good to go - custom drink pouches!  

oracal 651, drink pouches, oracal 631, vinyl, adhesive vinyl

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