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New!! Try Silhouette U | Get a 7 Day Free Trial With Full Benefits!

If you've been on the fence about trying out Silhouette U, my ads-free premium content membership site, we just made a HUGE change! For the first time ever we're allowing everyone to try out Silhouette U free for 7 days! 

During the 7 day free trial you'll have complete access to all membership benefits! That means you can:
  • Watch any and all of our more than 500 videos (preview them all here!)
  • Use the $14.99 coupon to So Fontsy for free fonts and designs of your choice 
  • Download the free ebook
  • Take advantage of the member-only discounts at our partner retailers
  • Join the Silhouette U private Facebook Group
  • Get priority email support by using our member-only inbox
  • Join a live 1 on 1 chat with me during Office Hours (which take place twice a week for a total of 9-10 times each month.)

It's also worth pointing out that, like Silhouette School Blog, Silhouette U has expanded beyond just Silhouette machines and the Silhouette Studio software. 

So if you need help with sublimation, ecosolvent, DTF, DTG, White Toner Printer, and software..I'm happy to bring my deep knowledge and strong partnerships with all of these brands and processes to Silhouette U to support you as you grow from a crafter to a small business.

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