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Die Cut Stickers vs Kiss Cut: What's the Difference? (And a GIVEAWAY)

If you've ever made stickers with Silhouette, you've probably heard the terms die cut and kiss cut. 

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But what is the difference between die cut and kiss cut stickers and how do you know which to use? Read on to learn more about the differences between the two sticker cutting methods....and a giveaway for $100 at Online Labels.
Before we get into the differences in between die and kiss cuts, it's important to know that neither applies exclusively to stickers, but to all materials that have a lined backing including vinyl and even things like craft foam or adhesive backed paper. 

The difference between die cuts and kiss cuts is how deep the cuts are made and whether or not the cuts go all the way through the material - specifically the liner. 

What is a Die Cut Sticker?

The die cut method originated with a steel die (a tool that's essentially a sharp cookie cutter) is used to cut through the entire material, creating a clean, precise edge.  

In crafting and with the Silhouette CAMEO, we still use the term to reference when the blade cuts clearly through both the material and the liner.  Think of it like the backing or liner is cut to the exact size and shape as the sticker.  

This can be done with or without a contour cut (aka offset).

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If you ever had a sticker where it was difficult to peel off the backing because you could not get your nail under it to separate, that is a die cut. 

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To make it easier to peel die cut stickers and labels, you may find it best to use a sticker paper that has a backing with slits. 

To make die cut stickers on the Silhouette CAMEO you need to change the cut settings to account for the thickness of both the material and the liner. This typically means more force and/or a higher blade depth. The exact settings will depend on the material you're using. 

What is a Kiss Cut? 

On the other hand a kiss cut is a method of cutting where the blade only cuts through the top layer of the material, leaving the backing intact. This means that the material is still attached to a backing sheet and can be peeled off and applied to a surface much more easily.  

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Kiss cut is often used for creating custom stickers, labels, or decals, as it allows for intricate designs and easy application. 

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It's worth noting that both methods can be used together! For example, you can kiss cut the stickers and then die cut the sticker sheet so you end up with a full set. 

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I have several other Silhouette tutorials on how to both die cut and kiss cut and combine them both here on Silhouette School. 
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  1. I make stickers just for fun!

  2. I used them for everything, my canned good, yard sale prices, planner, file folder, christmas gifts, and more

  3. I make stickers because they bring me joy!

  4. I make stickers to give away to friends and family because it brings joy to both myself and them.

  5. I make stickers for my grandsons!

  6. I make stickers for business...and because it's super fun!

  7. I am making stickers and they are so fun to imagine what to make.

  8. I make stickers to put on cards on letteres

  9. I love making stickers for friends and myself. I have purchased die cut stickers and think they are hard to use (getting the backing off).

  10. I make stickers for kids and for labels.

  11. I make stickers for address labels.

  12. I make lots of stickers for my grandbabies!


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