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How to Make Nail Decals: Sticker Sheets and Silhouette CAMEO

You can make custom nail stickers for holidays and other occasions with waterproof sticker sheets and Silhouette CAMEO. (This tutorial is so awkward...let's just establish that right away...) 

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These are a fun, fast, inexpensive and temporary way to add nail art without going to the nail salon or struggling through painting tiny designs. 
You'll want to use clear waterproof sticker sheets from Online Labels to get not only a good stick, but so the nail decals don't smudge.

I think this is a great method for short wear like a holiday so I'm going to use an American Flag Heart design to add a little July 4th nail art. 

Grab your design and open in it a Silhouette Studio work area by going to File > Open.  

From the Page Setup tool panel, set up the design area for a print and cut by changing the Page Size to Letter. Turn on Registration Marks by clicking "M" on your keyboard and checking the boxes for Show Print Border and Show Cut Border. 

stickers, print and cut, nail art, cameo 4, silhouette print and cut

Now you'll want to size your designs. The nails for my finger nails I made 0.33". They're a good size for my thumb but you'll want to size down for the rest of your fingers or for kids. 

The larger nail decals are for big toes and they are about 0.5". Again you'll want to size down for kids. 

Place a sheet of Online Labels Weather Proof Sticker paper in your inkjet printer. I would suggest taking everything else out of the printer before printing. 

From Silhouette Studio go to File > Print. Adjust the print settings for the highest quality/best print and choose a glossy-type material.  Send to print. 

stickers, print and cut, nail art, cameo 4, silhouette print and cut

Wait a few minutes after the print for the ink to completely dry. 

When the printing is done you can placed the printed sheet on a Silhouette cutting mat and load it into the Silhouette CAMEO. 

stickers, print and cut, nail art, cameo 4, silhouette print and cut

From the Silhouette Studio send panel adjust the cut settings for the Online Labels Weatherproof Sticker sheets. I find the best settings are: Blade 2, Force 14, Speed 4. 

When the cutting is done carefully remove the nail stickers and place them on your nails. 

stickers, print and cut, nail art, cameo 4, silhouette print and cut

If you are planning to wear them more than one day I would suggest putting a top coat or cutting another (unprinted) clear sticker in the same shape to layer over top. The Online Labels sheets are weatherproof but the ink may run or smear if they're fully saturated in water from handwashing.

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