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iColor ProRip Tutorial: How to Print Multiple Designs on a Single Sheet with Uninet 560

To avoid wasting material, you can print multiple images on a single sheet using the Uninet iColor 560 White Toner Printer. 

The sheet needs to be set up this way in iColor ProRip software before you print. It's not only easy to do but you can fill the page with the same image or different images. 

How to Fill a Page with Multiple Copies of an Image in iColor ProRip Software

To fill an entire sheet with the same image in iColor ProRip you just need to make a few clicks.  This is a perfect option if you are printing smaller size transfers for a bulk order - think logos for mugs or pocket areas transfers. 

Start by importing the image or design into the ProRip software. Scale the image. Once the design is sized how you want it, in the Jobs tab click "Copies." 

Increase the number of columns and rows until you fill the page. 

To add a little space between each transfer, to give you room to cut them apart, increase the distance between the images. 

Finally with all of the images selected click the button along the top tool bar to Center the group of transfers to the page. 

How to Put Multiple Images on the Same Page in iColor ProRip

If you are printing a bunch of one-off transfers but want to avoid wasting your iColor 2 step transfer paper or hard surface paper (or any other type of material you are using in the iColor white toner printer) you can place multiple designs on the same page. 

Start by opening each individual image in ProRip by going to File > Import Files. 

Each will open on its own page.  

Scale each image as needed and do any type of rasterizing that you need to do. 

From the Page tab at the bottom of the window click "Nest All." Click "Yes" when it asks if you want to change the layout format.

Now you can move forward with selecting the type of paper you are going to print on. 

When you're ready, move to the page with all of the designs > right click > and select Print. 

All of your white toner laser transfers will print on the same sheet from the Uninet iColor 560

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