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How to Start a Small T Shirt Business With a Silhouette CAMEO

If you're a beginner looking to start a tshirt business with Silhouette CAMEO, I have so much info to share with you today that I jammed it into a video! 

We're talking the biggest mistakes to avoid when starting an at home t shirt business and the best equipment to have to set up your shirt business.  Plus pros and cons of various at home heat transfer printers and where HTV shirts SHOULD fit into your business. 

My Best Advice: T Shirt Business For Beginners

As an accidental entrepreneur, I have been running a small craft business at home for more than a decade and I can say I learn something new everyday. Some stuff works some stuff flops...some stuff is a giant success and some stuff is a huge waste of time. You just have to keep moving forward and learning and pivoting.  Put on your blinders.  Notice the competition but don't worry about them.  

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Most importantly: Go for it NOW! Waiting for the perfect time is going to paralyze you from even starting.  Take comfort in this: I've got you!  My hope is through this video and through my guide Cutting a Profit: How to Run a Successful Small Business with Silhouette I can help you eliminate some of the trial and error as a start up t shirt business! For beginners there's so much to learn from what to sell with Silhouette to how to market your t shirt business. 

At Home T Shirt Business Equipment Essentials

Before you get started may I suggest what I would consider your T Shirt Business Equipment Essentials...
Printers I Use and Recommend...but watch the video before you decide which is the best to invest in for your small business.

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  1. Very good video. I always feel like I have to do any art/craft I enjoy "for money" right away. Not sure why - but that has never worked out. First I burn out trying to learn everything too fast, I never have a real "plan", and I always underestimate costs. So I bought your book and I realize that I need to step back, relax, and first learn what I'm doing so that I can be consistent "on demand". I so appreciate your down-to-earth and hard-earned advice!

  2. Hi! What brand of HTV do you recommend?

    1. Hi there! I like Siser. Check out what Swing Design has!


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