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Silhouette Studio: Mirror Image Prompt Change

A few months back Silhouette quietly made a very important change in Silhouette Studio's Send panel that can impact your cuts if you're not aware of it.

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When you're in the Send panel you're probably used to getting these pop ups asking if you want to mirror your design or leave "as is".  Yet another blind change with this tool - so read on so you're not caught off guard. 
As I previously warned, selecting "Mirror" in the Send panel could majorly impact the cut of your design as the selection flipped the entire page - not just the design. 

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That means if you had a design in the top left corner and you selected the Send Panel option to "Mirror" it would move to the top right corner and be cut that way. 

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The bigger issue is there was - and still is not - a preview of this option so users just found out ... when they went to cut. If the user only had material placed in the top left corner, where your design is showing in Studio, then your blade would end up cutting the mat. 

About two years later in December 2020, Silhouette "corrected" the unexpected mirroring of the entire page in 'newer' versions of Silhouette Studio, by changing the command to actually flip the design in place. 

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But they did so so quietly in the release of Silhouette Studio V4.4.455 and buried deep in the Release Notes. And unfortunately again there is still no preview in the software. Those who were used to the entire page flip have been once again caught off guard. warning to you is if you are using a version of Silhouette Studio that's HIGHER than V4.4.455 you should expect that clicking "Send Mirrored" in the Send panel will mirror the designs on their own axis rather than the page's. 

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  1. Omg. I experienced this the last time I had my machine out. I thought what the? I swore I was loosing my mind... Well, I still might be, but not because of this.

  2. I think it is just better to mirror the design before changing to send panel and then just choose "send as-is".

  3. First time I got this, it flipped the whole page and I didn't have any material in the place it was cutting. Ever since, I've just mirrored my design instead. Until there's a preview, I'll probably continue to do that. I do appreciate the warning, though!

  4. I never used the "Mirror" option because of the annoying page flip so I had no idea it even changed. I just flip my design horizontally before I go to the Send screen. Much less guesswork and I know I've got my vinyl in the right places.


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