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What Silhouette CAMEO Do I Have? (And What Tools Can I Use?)

Believe it or not we get asked more than you'd think "What Silhouette CAMEO machine do I have?" 

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While the same Silhouette Studio software can run all of the Silhouette machines, there are some differences in machines themselves - especially older machines - that make it important to know which Silhouette CAMEO you have.  

The reason knowing the type of machine you have is important is because certain machines can take certain tools and have certain minor differences. For example, the CAMEO 1, 2, and 3 have a USB drive port so designs can be cut directly from a thumb drive plugged into the machine. 

If you're not sure what machine you have take a look below shed some light on which Silhouette CAMEO machine you have. 

Silhouette CAMEO 1

The easiest way to tell if you have a Silhouette CAMEO 1 is by looking at the control panel. If the machine has push buttons, that's a CAMEO 1. 

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Silhouette CAMEO 2

The Silhouette CAMEO 2 has a touch screen panel, but only a single carriage. 

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Neither the Silhouette CAMEO 1 or CAMEO 2 can use the Auto Blades. The tools that work with the CAMEO 1 and 2 are Ratchet Blade, Premium Blade, Sketch Pens and a bunch of third party tools including Foil Quill and the CB09 Blade. 

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Silhouette CAMEO 3

The easiest way to spot a Silhouette CAMEO 3 is if the machine has a full cover, flip top lid and a dual carriage.  

silhouette cameo 3, cameo 3, dual carriage, cameo tools, silhouette blades

The Silhouette CAMEO 3 and Portrait 2 share the same tools - including the "Type A" Autoblade. Because the tool carriage is the same size and shape, all of the same tools can be used as the CAMEO 1 and 2 without any type of adapter. 

Portrait 2, cameo 3, auto blade, cameo tools, silhouette blades

Silhouette CAMEO 4

The Silhouette CAMEO 4 is a dual carriage cutter with a retractable lid and a built in roll feeder that can be pulled out from the bottom of the front of the machine. 

silhouette cameo 4, cameo 4, auto blade, cameo 4 tools, silhouette tools

The tool carriage shape and size and was changed on the CAMEO 4, the 15" CAMEO Plus, and the 24" CAMEO Pro so Type B and Type C tools are required. Type A tools can be used but only with an adapter. 

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  1. Thanks for that info. Very useful! Must preactice more!!

    1. still I ma lost not sure if I have the cameo 3 or 4

  2. Thank you so much really helpful info

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    1. Hi there! This sounds like your computer may have interrupted the download. I would restart your computer and try the download again.


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