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Silhouette Studio Printer Border: How and Why to Use It

If you know your Silhouette can only cut and are wondering what is the printer border on Silhouette CAMEO then you've come to the right spot. 

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The Silhouette Studio software has an option to turn on the print border which is 100% needed for certain projects and 100% not needed for others. Read on for more on how and when to use the print border in the Silhouette software.

The Show Print Border option is found in the Page Setup panel. You can completely ignore that box and leave it unchecked for all projects with the exception anytime you are printing to you printer from Silhouette Studio - such as with print and cut. 

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When Show Print Border is checked, a gray box will appear in the work area indicating the safe area to print. 

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Anything you want printed should be inside that gray rectangle. This includes designs as well as registration marks for print and cut. 

print and cut, printables, troubleshooting, Silhouette CAMEO, silhouette studio

One of the most common reasons print and cut fails registration, is if the bottom mark falls outside of the safe print area. 

This usually happens if the registration marks are moved from their default location. When that happens, the horizontal part of the bottom registration marks drops below the print border and when printed only the vertical portion of the mark prints. 

print and cut, printables, silhouette studio troubleshooting, Silhouette CAMEO, Printer for Silhouette

You'll also want to be aware if you use the Fill Page option to quickly fill your page with designs as they can fall outside the safe print area. 

print and cut, printables, silhouette studio troubleshooting, Fill Page, Printer for Silhouette

Without turning on the Print Border you will not know this and could print several partial-shapes. 

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  1. I am trying to widen my print border to 12x12 because I have a new Canon Pixma ip8720 and I want to print and cut out a design close to 12x12. I don't have the option to change my printer to current printer in the latest version in fact if I select printer, it gives me an 8 x 10 surface area. I cannot select my new printer from any printer page set up.


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