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Where to Buy 24" Adhesive Vinyl Rolls for Silhouette CAMEO Pro

With the launch of the 24" Silhouette CAMEO the big question is where to buy 24" adhesive vinyl rolls and other wide format materials like stencil material.

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In a survey of Silhouette School readers prior to the Silhouette CAMEO Pro launch, finding wide form materials for a 20 or 24" machine was the #1 concern. No need to worry - I have details on where exactly you can find 24" rolls of Oracal 651, 24" adhesive vinyl roll bundles and even longer 24" rolls of Oracal 651 and 631. 
Swing Design is not only shipping the 24" Silhouette CAMEO Pro, they have also launched CAMEO Pro bundles with 24" vinyl rolls included, stand alone 24" vinyl roll bundles of Oracal 651 and Oracal 631 and 24" individual rolls of adhesive vinyl. All of the 24" wide materials come in various lengths which gives you a lot of options.  Admittedly there are now so many options it can be overwhelming to know what is the right material and length for you.  I'm going to try to break this down for you and help you decide what roll length and whether a bundle vs individual rolls might be best for you. 

Oracal is the brand...651 and 631 are the two most popular types of vinyl Oracal vinyl with crafters. 

Oracal 651 is a permanent adhesive vinyl with a glossy finish. Black and white 651 are also available in matte finish. 651 is recommended for outdoor use, glassware, mugs, signs and other hard goods that will be handled. 

Oracal 631 is a removable adhesive with a matte finish. It's most often used for wall decals and temporary uses where the vinyl needs to be removed after a short amount of time.  The adhesive strength is less than 651. 

Both 651 and 631 are now available in 24" wide rolls.  The most popular and widely available 24" wide roll lengths are 6', 30' and 150'.  

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Keep in mind, I tested all length rolls on the Silhouette CAMEO Pro. The 6' and 30' (10 yard) rolls all cut with no issues in the 24" CAMEO Pro. 

The 24" x 150' roll of vinyl was too heavy to cut well directly off the roll. However, it has the best price per square foot is if you decide to get 150' rolls of vinyl to take advantage of bulk pricing, I would cut smaller sections off the roll before attempting to cut in the 24" CAMEO Pro.

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If you are getting a CAMEO Pro Bundle and you don't currently have any 24" wide material, I would recommend getting a CAMEO Pro Bundle with Vinyl.  

These are a couple of good options: 

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CAMEO 4 Pro Bundle with Vinyl Rolls 

D. 24" Silhouette CAMEO Pro Bundle with Vinyl Roll Pack (12 6' x 24" rolls) + Transfer tape
    **There are two options for this bundle: 651 permanent vinyl or 631 removable vinyl      
The other option would be picking up the 12 pack of Top 651 Colors + Transfer Tape as an add on if another CAMEO Pro Bundle or the 24" base machine is more appealing to you. If you make mostly wall decals or signs with matte vinyl, alternatively grab the 12 pack of Top Oracal 631 Colors - 24" x 6' Oracal Rolls.

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Both of these bundle roll packs include 12 rolls of 24" x 6' vinyl which will give you a good variety of colors to start with. Once you figure out which colors you go through fastest, then I'd pick up the 24" x 30' rolls of vinyl or 150' vinyl roll in those individual colors. 

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Personally I think the 30' rolls are a perfect length at an affordable price, however if you have a business and you go through certain colors very quickly the 24" x 150' vinyl rolls are the best deal per square foot.  Just keep in mind the 24" CAMEO Pro won't be able to cut off the 150' the roll is simply too heavy so you'll need to cut smaller sections off the roll.
24" cameo 4 pro, cameo pro, oracal vinyl rolls, oracal 651, adhesive vinyl

24" wide rolls of Oracal 813 stencil material are also now available if you're looking for Oracal 813 rolls too.
24" cameo 4 pro, cameo pro, stencil vinyl, oracal 813, stencil material

Of course if you're going to cut 24" wide vinyl or stencil material, you also need 24" wide transfer tape.  I found some 24" x 30' rolls of vinyl transfer tape for you as well. 

CAMEO Pro Bundle + Vinyl 
Vinyl Pack Bundle + Transfer Tape

651 (Individual Rolls)

631 (Individual Rolls)

Other 24" Wide Material

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  1. Hello - all the 24" vinyl listings on SS are completely sold out - will this be restocked at some point?

    1. Hi there! Supply chains have been a huge issue! I would sign up for email notifications for when they're back in stock.

  2. Hello I have had my cameo 4 since it first launched and just love it so now that my business has grown, by the grace of God, I recently purchased the PRO! But I haven't unboxed it yet lol. It actually intimidates me. I am trying to find 24" HTV rolls for it. Can you help me with a good supplier that won't break the bank please. Thank you!

    1. Hey there! HTV is only going to come in up to 15" wide. Get your Pro out of the box! If you need additional help check out Silhouette U:
      Silhouette U - Members Only Access


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