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Sound Off: 20" Silhouette CAMEO Pro and 24" Vinyl Cutter Machine and Materials Survey

The long awaited Silhouette CAMEO Pro release date is expected later this year after several delays. Other than price and width it's expected to just be a bigger CAMEO the 15" CAMEO 4 Plus.

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The 15" CAMEO Plus was released in January 2020, but many Silhouette users have held of waiting for the largest Silhouette machine, the 20" Silhouette CAMEO Pro.  As we approach the CAMEO Pro release date (exact date still TBD), I want to hear from those who are considering purchasing it.

Is a 20" CAMEO 4 big enough or would you have preferred a 24" Silhouette CAMEO Pro...and why? What needs will be answered with the bigger cutting machine vs a smaller 12" or 15" Silhouette? I believe the biggest CAMEO will be most attractive to those users who run Silhouette businesses...but maybe I am wrong.  Are the standard material sizes for vinyl, stencil, material and HTV going to "cut it" when it comes to a 20" machine? Do those who need a bigger cutting machine also want a larger volume of materials (ie rolls vs sheets)?

This survey will help answer all of those questions which will help guide Silhouette School content, tutorials, and videos. It will help us have discussions with retailers about adding materials in sizes and formats that those with a larger cutting really want.

If the survey does not load below or you have trouble, please click here to fill it out.

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  1. Would love a quick update on the Pro possible release date so I can decide about taking advantage of the current heat press bundle if the Pro is still a long way off.

  2. I have been waiting for months now for availability of Cameo 4 Pro, but just now have purchased the standard version. Why? Because I couldn't wait any more. I am a Cameo teacher and this autumn my new workshops will start (if not cancelled again due to COVID-19...). I have to be able to answer my student's questions and have to work with those new properties by myself. The Plus version as an intermediate solution was no alternative. Either a real professional tool or the hobby version. Plus is neither fish nor fowl.
    Hugs from HirschEngelchen

  3. This is what i want n really need it. thanks for this.


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