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Add Vinyl to Floor Tiles for a Cheap Upgrade: 7 Tips (Video)

If you're wanting to upgrade your boring wall or floor tile...vinyl may just be all you need! 
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I recently added a farmhouse style tile design cut on vinyl to the tile in my low traffic guest room bathroom and it added a lot of personality to this otherwise kind of dull little space. I got a lot of questions about how I did this and where to find personal and commercial free tile SVG designs so I figured it was worth a tutorial on how to add vinyl to floor here are my seven best tips!

Pick a tile design that's not overly intricate. This will not only speed up the cutting, weeding, and transferring process, it will also most likely mean the pieces of the design are larger giving them more adhesive surface space - and therefore a better stick!

home decor, adhesive vinyl, project ideas, farmhouse design, vinyl

Keep the space in mind. I would not recommend putting vinyl on floor or wall tiles in a high traffic area or one that requires a lot of cleaning (kitchen backsplash or master bathroom).  By doing so you increase the likelihood of the vinyl peeling up and increase the need for sealing the vinyl (which I like to avoid in case my taste or style changes and I want to peel the vinyl off).

home decor, adhesive vinyl, project ideas, farmhouse design, vinyl

Each tile SVG design gives you two options. You can use either the positive or negative it just depends on how you weed away the excess vinyl. Get an idea of what each will look like bring bringing the design into Silhouette Studio.  Fill the shape with a solid color and change the line color to match.

Now make a duplicate. Draw a square around the entire design. Select the design and the square > right click > make compound path. Refill if you need to. Now you can decide which version of the tile design you prefer!

home decor, adhesive vinyl, project ideas, tile design, vinyl

Make sure the tile is not overly cold or you may have trouble getting the vinyl to stick. Use the hinge method to apply the vinyl to the tile so you are sure the vinyl design is straight and centered before you place it on the tile. If you're not familiar with the hinge method it's explained here.

home decor, adhesive vinyl, project ideas, tile design, hinge method

Use a permanent adhesive vinyl and burnish it really well to ensure a good stick.

home decor, adhesive vinyl, project ideas, tile design, hinge method

Reuse your materials. The transfer tape and tape you use for the hinge can be used for applying vinyl to multiple tiles so don't throw them out after each one.

home decor, adhesive vinyl, project ideas, transfer tape, hinge method
If you'd like to check out how to add Silhouette or Cricut vinyl to floor tile, I demoed from my bathroom in this Facebook Live which you can rewatch here.

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