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Best Thermoflex Silhouette Cut Settings

If you haven't tried Thermoflex heat transfer're missing out.

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This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.
I'm sure you've heard of Thermoflex HTV ... a lot of Silhouette crafters swear by it and it's easy to see why! BUT who wants to spend a lot of time (or material) test cutting to find the right cut settings? That's why today I'm sharing the best Thermoflex Silhouette cut settings with you!

This stuff cuts, weeds, and applies very easily.

BUT I know the biggest hangup when trying a new product is how it's going to cut because that's where you can end up wasting a bunch of material (and money).

I found the best Silhouette CAMEO cut settings for Thermoflex are:

Blade: 2
Force: 14
Speed: 30 
(speed will vary depending on the machine and intricacy of the design)
Passes: 1

I love the Thermoflex Plus heat transfer vinyl as I find it has that perfect amount of stretch and softness to it - plus it's widely available and there are a ton of color option including matte, glitter, and neon!

thermoflex htv, htv, cut settings, heat press, product reviews

I cut the same design on Thermoflex Plus and another popular brand of HTV so you could see a side by side comparison of how they apply, feel on the shirt, and perform when machine washed and dried.  They both performed similarly in the washer and dryer.

thermoflex htv, htv, cut settings, heat press, product reviews

To test the "softness", I asked both my kids and husband to feel both the designs on the shirt, by rubbing their finger across the large rectangle area, and tell me which one is softer. They all pointed to the Thermoflex Plus...and Bob added it didn't feel "as plasticy". Very official, I know.

So there you have it. If you haven't tried Thermoflex Plus heat transfer vinyl yet, I'd definitely recommend giving it a try!

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  2. Is speed 30 correct? My speed only goes up to 10.

    1. Hey there! If you don't have the Cameo 4 that is normal. You can do your highest speed if you'd like.

  3. You stated “Blade 2” , I’m guessing that’s not the Autoblade in slot 1 but slot 2 with the Blade 1mm tool type B? I’m so new to this thank you, love your vids.


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