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Silhouette Alta Plus Unboxing and First Project (Plus Free Design)

The Silhouette Alta Plus 3D printer was recently released..and at a time when 3D printers are getting a lot of attention.

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3D printers have become essential pieces of equipment during the pandemic cranking out everything from mask hooks and hands free door opening contraptions to medical device parts, face shields and masks.

Silhouette Alta Plus 3D Printer Setup 

The setup of the Alta Plus was so quick and easy - and very much the same as the original Alta printer, I immediately started printing. If you need step by step setup help hop over here. And if you're wondering the differences between the Silhouette Alta vs Alta Plus, check this out.

 A few quick tips for when you're setting up the Silhouette Alta Plus.
  • Make sure you register your machine or it may not appear as a machine option in the Silhouette 3D software. 
  • You'll need to download and install Silhouette 3D version 1.2.205 or higher to run the Alta Plus. 
  • The 3D printer is supposed to come calibrated, but I would recommend you run a calibration test before your first print. You never know what can happen during shipping and unboxing. 
  • When calibrating you do not need to use the tool.  The Alta Plus now has knobs you can grip with your fingers to adjust each arm.

First Silhouette Alta Plus Print 

A few weeks ago I shared a free ear savers mask hook design that can quickly and easily be printed on the Silhouette Alta.

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Along with the ear savers (download the free design here), the button headbands have become popular with nurses and doctors whose ears are bothered by endless hours of wearing elastic masks.  Turns out you can also print buttons..and they make a great first print.

Free Button 3D Printer Design for Silhouette Alta and Alta Plus

I'm sharing the 3D heart button design with you. You can download it free here.

I printed in Draft mode so I could print as quickly as possible - it took about 6 minutes to print a single button.
You can also print multiple buttons at the same time. Just duplicate the design and group them all together on the print bed by selecting the designs > right click > Group.

Alta Plus, 3D Printer, 3D Button, Free 3D Design, Silhouette Alta 3D Printer

Printing 7 buttons at a time, took about 40 minutes and I figured out it cost me about 7 cents in teal filament per button.

Alta Plus, 3D Printer, 3D Button, Free 3D Design, Silhouette Alta 3D Printer

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