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New Silhouette Alta Plus 3D Printer Now on Sale: Price, New Features, Details

The new Silhouette Alta Plus 3D Printer is finally on sale - about 6 months after it was originally planned to be released.

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The second edition of the 3D printer, Silhouette Alta Plus, went on pre order in early April and is expected to start shipping the week of April 6, 2020.

The new Silhouette 3D Printer has a few updates and changes from the original - including the addition of a cooling fan and an updated nozzle.

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Both updates to the new Alta will allow for faster building since the printer's new fan will cool layers down more quickly while printing.

The improvements should also allow for higher quality smaller models.

The nozzle on the Silhouette Alta Plus has also been updated so it can be snapped in and out. 
It will run on the newest version of Silhouette 3D software, which is free, and has also seen improvements included advanced knife tools and design building tools.

The new Silhouette 3D printer retails for $349. Free shipping and 0% financing is available through Swing Design.

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Along with the new Silhouette Alta Plus, Silhouette will add to its line of 3D printer filament with several more new colors and specialty filaments.
Silhouette Alta Plus, Alta 2, Silhouette Alta 3d printer, Silhouette 3d Printer, Silhouette Alta tutorials

Silhouette Alta Plus, Alta 2, Silhouette Alta 3d printer, Silhouette 3d Printer, 3d printer filament

If you're new to the Silhouette Alta, don't be intimidated! I have Alta set up help and getting started steps to get you printing fast!

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My original Alta has been getting a lot of work time the last few weeks as I've been printing mask clips to hold elastic and help save ears from chaffing during the pandemic.

These take about 12 minutes to print and I'm offering the Face Mask Clip file free so if you have a Silhouette Alta or get one, please considering printing as many of these as possible for healthcare workers.

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  1. I received your tutorial showing how to make a face mask using the Silhouette software. I would like to make masks for my family, but haven't used the software in over a year. So, I just want to print the mask pattern and cut them out with scissors. I have the pattern in my library, but don't remember how to print it. Would appreciate any help you can give me.

  2. I was looking st purchasing the alta plus 3d printer. I am not finding any bundles, so can you tell me what type of filament works for this or is there a bundle to purchase? Thanks


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