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Free Face Mask Clip 'Ear Saver' Design (3D Print File and SVG)

Crafters have gone into action making homemade fabric masks and face coverings and now many with 3D printers are  to helping save ears!

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Healthcare workers are saying elastic from wearing masks for long periods of time is causing chaffing behind their ears. While ties are one option and a full piece of elastic around the head is another, supplies are in short supply so sometimes masks with elastic ear straps are the only option.  Those can be made more comfortable by using a mask clip to secure the elastic behind the head rather than behind the ears.

Today I'm sharing a free Mask Clip Design that I like to call the Ear Saver. I've been printing these on the Silhouette Alta 3D printer.

I have included both the 3D print design and an SVG version of the adjustable S hook design for you to download free here. If you have trouble downloading it, you can also download it here.

3D Printer, 3D Silhouette Designs, Alta Plus, Coronavirus, Mask Clip

I found sizing it to about 3" long and 2.4mm thick worked well when I printed it on my Silhouette Alta 3D printer.

3D Printer, 3D Silhouette Designs, Alta Plus, Coronavirus, Mask Clip

I printed in Draft mode to speed up the print in an effort to crank out more of these faster.  I found that saved at least 5-10 minutes on each print.

If you pop the print off while it's still warm you can contour it slightly so it fits the shape of the head better.

3D Printer, 3D Silhouette Designs, Alta Plus, Coronavirus, Mask Clip

3D Printer, 3D Silhouette Designs, Alta 3D Printer, Coronavirus, Mask Clip

If you don't have an Alta or another 3d printer, you can use the SVG version to cut.  Increase the size of the design to a length of about 9.5" then use your Silhouette CAMEO or Portrait to cut shrinky dink material. Once baked, it becomes rigid and sturdy making it a perfect material for the clip.

You can also use this design to cut on a laser cutter such as an Epilog or Glowforge.

3D Printer, 3D Silhouette Designs, Alta Plus, Coronavirus, Mask Clip

If you're interested in making DIY homemade fabric masks I have a step by step and a free mask design that can be made on any Silhouette machine here.

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  1. how much larger would I need to cut it to use the shinky dink plastic?

  2. would like to know Shrinky dink size

  3. i only have the basic edition of the studio. I cant seem to open the file..says file is not supported do I need a hight version/

  4. Can you sanitize the final shrinky dink design for use in a hospital? I have a lot of nurses asking for them.

  5. Where did she get white shrinky dink material?

  6. I would like to purchase an Alta 3D Printer, how do i?

  7. cut them from plastic folders, maybe 5 " across, using your electronic cutting machine


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