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6 Silhouette Cutting Mat Alternatives

There are several Silhouette Cutting Mat alternatives if you're looking for a longer lasting mat, mat with a different adhesive strength, or a thicker and more sturdy mat.

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Each has their own benefits so you have lots of options based on your needs, material size, and budget. 
One thing to keep in mind is using third party tools or accessories in your Silhouette machine is always at your own risk. If your machine is still under warranty using things like tools and mats that were not specifically made by the manufacturer for the machine can void the warranty.

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Okay now that the fine print is out of the way...onto the Silhouette cutting mat alternatives you've been waiting for.

Nicapa Mats for Silhouette 

The Nicapa cutting mats are widely available on Amazon and have really become popular in the last couple of years with Silhouette CAMEO users.  There are now multiple different types of adhesive strength mats from Nicapa. The Silhouette alternative offers a strong grip mat, super long lasting cutting mat, and light grip adhesive cutting mat as well as the standard cutting mats.

These cutting match usually come in packs of three in both 12"x12" and 12"x24" sizes.   The thickness of the Nicapia mats is somewhere between the relatively thin Silhouette mats and the thick Cricut mats.

One of the biggest benefits to using Nicapa mats for Silhouette is they are often less expensive than other brands.

Cricut Cutting Mats for Silhouette

The Cricut cutting mats are also popular with Silhouette crafters due to their price and rigidity. Multiple cutting mat adhesive strengths are also available.

You can use the Cricut mats for Silhouette cutting machines however be aware because they are thicker than the Silhouette mats, overuse can cause your roller grips to expand and therefore not hold your cutting mat as tightly.

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Miss Kate Cuttable Mats

The Miss Kate Cuttable cutting mats are easy to spot and I've been asked over and over again about the red cutting mats for Silhouette.  These mats are more pliable than the more rigid Cricut cutting mats. You can find them in 12"x12" and 12"x24" mat size on Amazon. They usually come in a three pack for what comes out to a little over $5 a mat.

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American Crafts Cutting Mats

The American Crafts cutting mats are among the newest brand of cutting mat on the market.  They are not nearly as widely available but they are an option if you can find them.

Silhouette CAMEO: Cutting Without a Mat

The fifth and sixth options for alternatives to Silhouette cutting mats involve cutting without a mat. This can be done on any of the Silhouette machines (except the Curio) including the Silhouette CAMEO 4 and the Portrait.

Silhouette Roll Feeder

One option involves cutting with the roll feeder. The Silhouette CAMEO 4 and 15" CAMEO Plus have built in roll feeders. The Silhouette CAMEO 3, 2, 1 and Portrait machines can use the roll feeder attachment (which I actually find better than the built in option)You can find tutorials on how to use the Silhouette roll feeder with CAMEO 3 (etc) here and here are the steps for using the CAMEO 4 roll feeder.

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Finally an alternative to the Silhouette cutting mat is to cut without a mat and without a roll feeder. Lined materials like HTV and vinyl can be cut without a cutting mat and now thanks to the Pop Out feature unlined material including paper can be cut without a mat.

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  1. I know your blog reaches other countries. For those in the UK there is another make of mats that are very good. ARTISTIX mats are hard wearing and last longer. They are cheaper than the Silhouette mats too.

  2. Hi! Total newbie here. I noticed I'm having issues with the mats I ordered off Amazon because the margins around the grid are different sizes. I've been loading my mat by putting the clamp down, lining up the blue edge inside, then hitting feed so it pulls it in. The cuts are way off from the grid in the software. What am I missing T-T Is it a loading issue or is there a way to program margins in the software?

    1. Hi there! You will still need to make sure that you are purchasing Silhouette compatible mats. I'd suggest lining it up with your Silhouette mat that came with your machine to see where the discrepancy is. (Also, just a tip from experience, make sure that your mat is turned on in the software or it can mess with alignment).


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