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Silhouette 2mm Kraft Blade 101: Beginners Getting Started Tutorial

If you got yourself a Silhouette 2mm Kraft Blade and are now like "Now what?"'re not alone. 

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I've heard this a lot lately which is why I figured it was a good time to put together a Silhouette 2mm Kraft Blade beginners tutorial to answer some of those FAQs.

Which machines can use the 2mm Kraft blade

The 2mm Kraft Blade can only be used in all of the Silhouette machines that have a 2mm clearance. This includes the Silhouette Cameo 4, Cameo 3, Portrait 2, and the Curio.

When used in the CAMEO 4, 2mm Kraft Blade, can only be used in the left tool carriage - Carriage 1 and it must be used with the white Kraft blade adapter. When used in any of the other Silhouette machines no adapter is necessary.

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Why isn’t my 2mm Kraft Blade showing up as a tool option in the Send panel?

If the Kraft Blade is not showing as a tool option in the Send Panel there are few things that you will want to check.

First you need to be using Silhouette Studio V4.3.334 or higher. 

Secondly, the 2mm Kraft Blade will only show as a tool option if the material selected from the material list is compatible with the Kraft blade - meaning it's not an option for all materials.

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If you are trying to cut a material with the Kraft blade and it’s not 2mm Kraft blade-compatible, you can select something like Crepe Paper then adjust the cut settings for the material you wish to cut. 

Why are there are extra lines on my Kraft blade cut?

You'll notice that when you turn on the cut lines when using the Kraft blade there are extra lines or loops in Silhouette Studio. This is normal. Due to the size and broadness of the kraft blade itself the blade cannot rotate like the traditional ratchet or Autoblade. For this reason, the blade must go outside of the cutting area, into the negative space, to rotate.

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With every corner either internal or external the blade has to make another loop. For this reason designs that have a lot of corners and edit points will have more loops. If you have a design that has smooth curves, you will have fewer loops.

How is the Kraft Blade different than the Deep Cut blade?

The 2mm Kraft blade and the Deep Cut blade are both 2mm millimeters however they are different. The Deep Cut blade is intended for thicker paper-like materials.

While the Kraft Blade is a broad angle blade that is intended for other thicker and denser materials such as balsawood and craft foam. Check out this tutorial for the how to cut craft foam and the best cut settings for craft foam with the 2mm kraft blade.

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What materials can my 2mm Kraft Blade cut?  

Check out this Silhouette School blog post of a list of materials the kraft blade can cut.

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How do I use the 2mm Kraft blade in the CAMEO 4

In the CAMEO 4, the 2mm Kraft Blade must be used with the white adapter and in the left carriage. There is also a 3mm Kraft Blade which works exclusively in the right carriage of the Cameo 4.

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Here's a look at the Kraft Blade cutting balsa wood. This is the exact Balsa Wood I used!

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  1. I am confused as to why the Kraft Blade would go in carriage one. An earlier article stated that carriage two was the "power and force" carriage and would be used for the Kraft blade. Wouldn't you need carriage two's "force" to cut things like wood?


    1. Silhouette offers us the option to use the older Cameo Kraft Tool with an adapter on carriage 1 of the Cameo 4. Could be source of confusion... Just keep in mind Melissa discussed here about the Kraft 2mm, the Kraft tool designed for Cameo older generations.
      The publication you are mentionning mentions the carriage 2 to be used with Kraft 3 mm (yes, the kraft 2 mm is for carriage 1 on Cameo 4, the kraft 3 mm will be for carriage 2 only on the Cameo 4, as this one a special Cameo 4 option soon to be released.
      Philippe Jacques Magisign (Belfium)


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