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New Silhouette Studio V4.3 Features List

With the announcement that the Silhouette CAMEO 4, 15” Silhouette CAMEO Plus, and 20” Silhouette CAMEO Pro are coming - the new Silhouette Studio software features announced at Silhouette Summit took a bit of a backseat.

Not only will almost 20 new features roll out over the next nine months, but Silhouette announced a change to how updates for software features will be launched.
The series of new features will be broken down into three groups and will be launched in three sets: Silhouette Studio V4.3, V4.4 and V4.5.

The reason for the change is this will prevent one problem-child feature from holding up the release of the whole group - like the library did with V4.2. I am thrilled to see this change as it took almost a full year for V4.2 to be released out of beta after it was announced due on-going issues with the restructuring of the library.

Silhouette Studio V4.4 is scheduled to roll out between August and October 2019 and V4.5 is expected to be released between November 2019 and January 2020.

Along with the new features the emphasis of the new software versions - all free updates - will be support of the new CAMEO 4 and wider Silhouette machines.

Silhouette Studio V4.3 Features

Silhouette Studio V4.3 will include the first set of new features and is expected to be released between May and July 2019. It’s already in closed beta and select beta testers, including myself, have been using it and providing feedback since early May.

The new features in Silhouette Studio V4.3 are:

1. Recently Used Fill and Line Colors: Silhouette Studio will remember recently used colors and will display them across the top of the Line Color and Fill Color panels

2. Custom Color Palettes: Save custom sets of colors to your Fill and Line Color Panels

3. Line Pattern Styles (Designer Edition Plus): Change the shape of selected lines

4. Page Setup - The Page Set Up panel will include a new area where you will select,  from a dropdown menu, which Silhouette machine you’ll be cutting on. Page sizes and mat size options will then be adjusted to only work with the currently selected machine.

5. New Project Wizard

6. Silhouette CAMEO 4 support - Silhouette Studio V4.3 will be able to communicate with the Silhouette CAMEO 4 including the ability to take advantage of the increased speed and force cut settings

7. Graphtec CE Lite Machine Software Support - Silhouette Studio will be able to run Graphtec CE-50 Lite

Due to the large chance of Silhouette Studio software features planned for V4.4 and V4.5 changing, at this time I have decided against releasing information about those two future updates.

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  1. Love the sound of those new features, all very useful. Can't wait to hear about the rest!

  2. Please let us know more about the mat less cutting for card stock. I am very excited about that! Cheers! X

  3. Still nothing about the expected area in the BE for keeping business related things like materials use? Hmmmm. I do like the other features though

  4. I just would like to be able to get 4.2 to work on my computer. I have contacted Silhouette and they have said that there is a problem with some computers.

  5. I have the first cameo model, Is there a software version that works best with my machine? What I mean is, I only have so many features on my machine, at which update number (ie. should I stop installing updates? The new 4.2 says it wont associate .studio 3 files. Will my older machine still cut the newer format studio files?


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