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Silhouette Heat Press and New Silhouette Alta Plus Details: Features, Pricing, and Release Date!

A Silhouette heat press is coming...and so is a new version of the Silhouette Alta 3D printer!

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Silhouette America announced details, pricing, and an expected release date of its first ever Silhouette heat press and the Silhouette Alta Plus last week at the same time as confirming the Silhouette CAMEO 4 and 15" Silhouette CAMEO Plus, and 20" Silhouette CAMEO Pro.
I got to check out a prototype of the Silhouette heat press and get a look at the new Silhouette Alta and am happy to be able to bring you all the details. 

Silhouette Heat Press Details and Price

The Silhouette heat press will be 11x16" and will have a max temperature of 350 degrees.

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The heat press has heating elements on both the upper and lower platens. It will also includes a small hand-held touch up iron that warms up through the heat press and can be used for applying HTV to very small areas like shoes.  You can see it in the picture above on the table to the right of the press.

On the top of the Silhouette heat press, there's a control panel...but noticeably missing is a handle.  The lack of a handle means two things:

1) The Silhouette heat press requires less space and can be stored much easier because of its sleek, low profile

2) You have to provide the pressure with the weight of your body by pressing down on the top through the entire application

I honestly am really unsure how pressing on the top of the press to provide the pressure it will need, will even be possible without burning your hands - but again this is a prototype and I did not see it actually turned on and heated up.  I would expect there will be some changes to the design - and possibly price.

Speaking of the price of the Silhouette heat press - Silhouette America announced the MSRP will be $199. That price puts it in line with other entry level heat presses - but the big advantage would be the size and low profile.

Silhouette is planning for the heat press to start shipping in the first quarter of 2020.

Silhouette Alta Plus 2 Details and Price

The Silhouette Alta Plus is the second edition of Silhouette's 3D printer - first released in 2018. The Silhouette Alta Plus has several new features including the addition of a cooling fan and an updated nozzle.

The addition of the fan in the 3D printer will allow for faster building since it will cool layers down more quickly. It should also allow for higher quality smaller models.

The nozzle on the Silhouette Alta Plus has been updated so it can be snapped in and out.

The new Silhouette 3D printer - which is gray rather than white like the original Alta - will start shipping in September 2019 and will retail for the same price as the first edition - $299.99

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Silhouette America also announced it will add to its line of 3D printer filament with several more new colors and specialty filaments.

The Silhouette Alta Software - Silhouette Studio 3D will also see a bunch of updates including more advanced knife tools and design building tools.

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  1. Do you know if we will be able to upgrade the nozzle / fan part of existing altas, instead of being forced to buy a fully new machine for features that other printers have (exchangeable nozzle, fan)?

    1. I do not believe the fan is a replaceable part on the original Alta.

  2. Have you heard anything recently about the Silhouette Heat Press and if they are still going through with production?


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