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Silhouette Studio 64 bit MAC Compatibility Update

Update: If your computer has updated to macOS Catalina, here's what you need to do to stay compatible with Catalina update and Silhouette Studio 

If you're a MAC user and you have received a pop up warning about Silhouette Studio soon not being compatible with your iOS - I have an update for you.

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The compatibility issue stems from software programs running on MAC needing to be 64-bit. Currently Silhouette Studio is 32 bit.

You guys I'm not even going to try to pretend I know what all this bit stuff means. But what I do know is that Silhouette America is well aware of the operating system changes (Apple is phasing out the 32 bit processors) and has long been at work to ensure the software is compatible.

What is 64 bit vs 32 bit

The bit has to do with the processor and how much data can be processed. A higher bit means more information can be processed more efficiently and at a higher rate of speed.

What to Expect with the Silhouette Studio 64-Bit Version

Silhouette America developers confirm 64-bit is very far along now and what they would consider in a "very usable state." "Currently, it crashes more frequently than its 32-bit counterpart, so we are working hard to get the crash rate the same as or better than the 32-bit version. After we release (Silhouette Studio Version) 4.2, the very next Open Beta will be a 64-bit version of the same (barring any critical follow-up updates which sometimes happen immediately after a big release)." 

There is the possibility that the 64 bit Silhouette Studio version will noticeably speed of the software, too! "We think that 64-bit Silhouette Studio® will feel faster and be a more powerful version of its previous self. While we don't anticipate it to be orders of magnitude faster, we might see anywhere from 25% to 200% speed increases of operations in the software,"  Silhouette software developers tell me.

Silhouette Studio 3D software, which runs the Alta is already in 64-bit for MAC. Silhouette America will convert the other software including Silhouette Link, Connect, Model Maker and Mint Studio to 64-bit as well. 

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  1. Is there any update to this info? I have a mac that is running 10.14 and just recently encountered an issue. I can actually use the software and I can even cut, but when I send my file to print it becomes not responsive and just freezes up. I end up using force quit so that I can move forward. In the meantime I can not use my machine at all for my projects;(

    1. Yes it's on it's way - I believe the current beta is 64 bit. I would suggest you update your software and see if that fixes the issue.

  2. my mac just updated to catalina and I cannot open my studio now. HELPppppp



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