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What Happened with Silhouette Studio Beta V4.2?

You may have noticed that Silhouette Studio V4.2 was available for Open Beta on the Silhouette America website and then suddenly disappeared.

You weren't seeing things...for the second time in as many weeks Silhouette America decided to remove the previously released open beta version of V4.2. But why?

As you know Silhouette Studio V4.2 has been in closed beta (meaning closed to the public) since May 2018 while developers work on it and a small group of beta testers - including myself - provide feedback on its functionality and report bugs.

Then suddenly right before Thanksgiving Silhouette quietly released the first open beta (open to the public) version of V4.2.214 on the Silhouette America software downloads page.  I was surprised at the release - given not only the timing before a long holiday weekend, but also that it still felt like a major work in progress especially in the area of the library...hence my recommendation at the time of that release.

Regardless, myself and other beta testers tried to download this version but were unsuccessful as the installation failed immediately. This was ultimately determined to be caused by Silhouette Studio detecting library that have duplicate files. 

That version was pulled from the Silhouette America website and then replaced with V4.2.217 which was available in open beta from November 26 to December 10. On December 10 it too was pulled.

The decision to pull the most recent V4.2 version and not replace it - as of this writing - was due to the number of reports of Silhouette Studio libraries suddenly going missing by not only users but also beta testers using this version.
Keep in mind when you download a beta version of Silhouette Studio you're agreeing and acknowledging it's not a final version of the software and that issues or bugs may be present. You're also agreeing to report those bugs so as to help improve the software. 

One thing I feel is super important to point out is closed beta versions typically remain in closed beta for weeks, if not months while Beta testers provide feedback on them.  This gives us time to work with the software enough to find these bugs, report them, and then get them fixed.

The problem with beta versions - like V4.2.214 and 217 going straight to open beta (skipping the important closed beta period) is the beta testers haven't had a chance to work with the software version at all.  The problem is 217 was released to the closed beta group at the same time it was put on the Silhouette America website so there was no time or opportunity for it to be vetted or tested at all.  Had we, some of these library issues likely would have been found as multiple beta testers - along with other uses - have experienced losing their libraries when using V4.1.217 as well.

If you have lost library files in the V4.2 beta update, please email for help in retrieving them.

It's clear there is a lot of pressure and excitement to get Silhouette Studio V4.2 out not only in open beta, but also as a full release.  That's due to the V4.2 software update being announced more than seven months ago and also the large number of awesome new features in Silhouette Studio V4.2. Unfortunately it's off to a rocky start which will surely have a lot of users hesitating when V4.2 is finally available again in open beta and ultimately as a current full release.

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