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How to Cut 15" HTV and Vinyl with Silhouette CAMEO (And Where to Find 12" Siser Rolls)

Since the Silhouette CAMEO can only cut materials up to 12" wide it can seem like a waste to cut 15" materials.

Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl comes standard 15" wide which means it needs to be trimmed down before it can be cut with Silhouette. But before you cut off 3"....consider this!

Trimming 15" Rolls of Heat Transfer Vinyl

If you trim off 3" from a 15" sheet or roll of Heat Transfer Vinyl to make it 12" wide to fit through the cameo you'll be left with a 3" wide strip.  Let's face it that's pretty much a scrap and one that you - in all likelihood - may never cut. Now it's waste.
So instead of trimming off 3" from your 15" wide materials, cut across the 15" roll. This way you end up with multiple 12 x 15" sheets.

12 inch Rolls of Siser Heat Transfer Vinyl

Of course sometimes cutting 12" x 15" sheets from your HTV roll just won't do because the sheets you make are just not long enough for whatever it is you need to cut. In those cases, my recommendation would be to avoid cutting the heat transfer vinyl altogether and instead purchase 12" rolls of Siser Easyweed. These are hard to find, but some retailers, like Swing Design, who cater to the craft market are now offering 12" rolls of Siser Easyweed in various lengths.

6 ft x 12 inch rolls of Siser Easyweed HTV
10' x 12" Siser Easyweed Heat Transfer Rolls
150' x 12 in rolls of Siser Easyweed 

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