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Can Heat Transfer Vinyl Go On That?

I get questions daily that start with "Can I put HTV on..."
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Typically it's a matter of if the Heat Transfer Vinyl will stick or if the surface can withstand the heat.

Popular blanks such as straw bags, faux leather, woven straw pouches, and neoprene items are common materials people want to know if HTV can be applied to.  The answer is yes, yes, yes, and yes!

All About Blanks carries a wide range of blanks - but these four items are super popular for summer and they can all withstand the heat...of a heat press or iron.

A few tips when applying HTV to something like this straw cosmetic bag - if you have a hat press, slide the bag over the hat press attachment to apply the HTV. 

You can apply with a traditional heat press too it just takes a little more strategy to place the straw cosmetic bag on the press.  The temperature will depend on the type of HTV you are working with, but the time can be varied slightly to avoid melting zippers or inside material. In this case, I was using Siser Easyweed so I set my press to 305 and because I could completely avoid the zipper I pressed for the standard 20 seconds.

Selfie Prep kit design found on So Fontsy
You're looking to see the texture of the material through the HTV on the straw bag. 

The flat straw paper bags from All About Blanks (perfect for the pool or beach bag..or makeup or markers or as a cluth..oh my!) are super cute with HTV and are easily placed on a regular heat press.

Vibes design found on So Fontsy
My recommendation with these types of woven straw pouches is either hang the zipper over the side or use a pressing pillow to raise the bag above the zipper.

The pressing pillow gives you even more pressure while also allowing the zipper to hang below rest of the bag giving it less of a chance of melting at all from the heat. 

Of course you want to make sure you completely cover the bag with a teflon sheet while pressing. If you're at all worried about melting the bag, zipper, or inside material - start by pressing for half the recommended time for whatever material you're working with.  

With smooth Siser Easyweed I had my press set to 305 for this bag, but only pressed for 10 seconds initially before checking on if the HTV was fully adhered. Turns out the 10 seconds was enough...thanks to the added pressure of the pressing pillow!

The neoprene pool mats, Booty Buddies, are extremely easy to apply heat transfer to because they roll out flat and they can withstand the heat.  

They look super cute with a bold name or monogram.

The only thing you should be aware of is the print on the mats is slightly raised so smooth HTV may get a slight impression.

And finally the leather luggage tags .... I always get asked if HTV can go on leather. These luggage tags from All About Blanks are genuine soft leather - and the answer is yes!

The luggage tags can be placed right on the heat press as well. Remove the buckle and sort of fold out the smaller tab while the rest hangs off the edge of the press.

For the other side lay it flat on the press and apply the HTV - but again start with half of the recommended time.  It's also a good idea to back off the pressure a little bit so you don't leave an imprint of the transfer sheet on the tag after pressing.

The shorter the time these are exposed to heat the better since the inner plastic piece can't be removed.

Now that you know that HTV can be applied to all these different heat transfer vinyl blanks you can stock up for summer at All About Blanks!

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  1. I vaguely remember you talking about putting htv on faux leather before cutting earrings. Where can I find the information. Thank you for all you do


    1. I think I talked about it in a FB Live. You can just heat press the HTV onto the faux leather prior to cutting.


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