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Larger Silhouette Machine Survey and Why It's So Important

This is unlike any post I've ever written on Silhouette School...perhaps the most important of all posts I've ever written.  And the most ironic part is it's not even a's basically an open letter.
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An open letter to you. An open letter to Silhouette America.  It's me essentially begging you to help me. This is two years of me hinting...asking...begging Silhouette America to consider making a larger Silhouette CAMEO cutting machine.

I shared a photo on Silhouette School's Facebook page last week and some of you thought I knew something I wasn't saying.  The only thing I know is there are currently no plans for a larger machine...but I reeeeeaaally want to change that. And I need your help.
silhouette cutter, silhouette vinyl cutter, silhouette cameo vinyl cutter, silhouette cameo cutter, silhouette die cutter

If you've followed me for any length of time you know I'm not affiliated with Silhouette America at all. I pride myself with remaining independent - more stuff gets done that way and I have more freedom to say exactly what I think.  Yet they still let me take over their booth at trade shows  :)

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But you work in this little niche of an industry long enough and you make friends...and sometimes frienemies. I can tell you that Silhouette America will be the first to admit they don't always like what I have to say (hello, Curio), but that means they are listening.  I like to think it almost might give them a little push to be better for you and me...since we're both customers.  I'm happy to say they're listening to this squeaky little wheel as I squeak on for two years now about needing a bigger cutting machine.  The part I need your help with is coming, I promise.

Here's what I know....
  • I know you want to cut 15" rolls of vinyl and HTV and stencil material with your Silhouette machines without cutting it down
  • I know you want to make wider cuts without having to piece them together 
  • I know you want a larger machine that runs on Silhouette Studio, not one that you have to learn a whole new (inferior) software for
  • I know you bought your machine to make stuff for your kids and some how one friend asked if you'd make a shirt for her kid and now you've turned your Silhouette CAMEO into the core of your side hustle (or more) and you're quickly outgrowing your 12" cutter
  • I know the Graphtec 20" CE-50 Lite is trying to be the bigger CAMEO, but it's really only attractive if you don't own a MAC or if are okay with  learning a new software or if have a $900-$1200 budget.  In my honest opinion it's definitely not a replacement for a bigger Silhouette CAMEO
I've told Silhouette all of this. I've literally taken screen grabs of your comments over the last year and texted them to the National VP of Sales (Hey, Spence!) and written letters (that have taken me a hours to perfectly craft) to the CEO in an effort to convince Silhouette that a bigger machine is needed in this market and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Then last week I just shamelessly put it all out there and emailed literally everyone I know at Silhouette with the subject line "At the risk of overstepping" and a classic "Hi Guys" (but I really didn't think it'd go too far)...because really, who am I? It was my last ditch effort to make this happen. 

You know what they said...they said, "We forwarded this to the Director of Product Planning and the COO."  And you know what they said? They said...Melissa we want to have a meeting with you next month specifically to discuss this and see what you know about "customer wants and needs." What what!!!

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In all seriousness, you guys, I have one shot.  I now need to convince them I'm not the only one who thinks knows a larger Silhouette cutting machine would change the game for so many Silhouette users and for the company who makes the machine and software we all love (95% of the time).

Now I need you...I need you to back me up so when I go in there and sit around a table with a bunch of Silhouette America execs I can give them an accurate portrayal of your our wants and needs as a customer and finally convince them we all want this. So, I'm pretty much now begging you to take 3 minutes to fill out this 13 question survey. Even if you have no interest in a larger Silhouette machine, your opinion counts!  

If you're having trouble filling out the survey below (you should have a scroll bar on the right side to answer all the questions), you can click here to open it in a new browser window.

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  1. Way to go Melissa! Get us that larger machine from Silhouette - we know you can do it!!!


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