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Putting HTV on Mugs with a Mug Press: Beginner Tutorial

Ahhh you guys I finally got myself a mug press...and not just any mug press but a 3-in-1 mug press!

Mug press, Mug Heat Press, mug press machine, mug heat press machine, coffee press mug
This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

This TransPro 3-in-1 Mug Press allows you to press onto various size and shape mugs all from one machine by switching out the attachments.  AND hello...I am pressing HTV onto these bad boys!

Alright let me introduce you to my newest press.  This is now my third TransPro Heat Press from Pro World - I also have the TransPro Hat Press and a 15 x 15 Transpro Heat Press.

I love that this one - even with various attachments - is compact enough that I can store it on a shelf or in a cabinet.

The 3-in-1 mug press comes with press attachments to press onto 11 oz, 15 oz, and latte mugs.  When you first unpack it the 11 oz mug press attachment is attached to the press.

Mug press, Mug Heat Press, mug press machine, mug heat press machine, coffee press mug

Just power on the press and set the temperature (based on the material you're pressing onto the mug). It only takes a few minutes for this mug press to come up to temperature.  Lots of people use mug presses for sublimation, but since I know a lot of Silhouette crafters are interested in applying HTV to mugs - that's how I tested it for my first go.  And since I know you'll ask -the various size blank mugs are also from Pro World.

After the press came up to about 360 degrees, I placed the cut HTV on the mug.

Silhouette Heat Transfer Vinyl, Heat Transfer Vinyl Silhouette, heat transfer vinyl, gold heat transfer vinyl, HTV vinyl,

Place the mug - with the handle up - into the mug press.

gold heat transfer vinyl, HTV vinyl, vinyl heat transfer, HTV, HTV Vinyl,

Just pull the handle toward you to close the press and apply heat and pressure around the mug. You'll need to manually press the green button to start the timer.

heat press, heat press machine, heat press vinyl, heat press nation, Mug press

Once the timer goes off, remove the mug from the 3-in-1 mug press and let it cool slightly before attempting to peel off the clear carrier sheet. The mugs get very hot so this could take a few minutes.

Mug press, Mug Heat Press, mug press machine, mug heat press machine, coffee press mug

A lot of crafters find working with heat transfer vinyl easier than adhesive vinyl when it comes to cutting, weeding, and applying.  This is especially true when it comes to applying vinyl decals to round objects like mugs and latte cups. A mug press makes it super fast and easy and of course you can not only apply HTV with it - but also sublimation.

Silhouette Heat Transfer Vinyl, Heat Transfer Vinyl Silhouette, heat transfer vinyl

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  1. Hi! How long does the HTV last - is it dishwasher safe?

  2. Hi! I am just starting out and I would like to know do I need to purchase a special printer or can I use the hp inkjet or the hp Laser Jet that I already owned in addition I work for glassware company which manufactures clear,and color mugs of all sizes can I use there mugs?

    1. If you want to sublimate you need a printer with sublimation ink in it, and anything you press onto must be suitable for sublimation. You generally have to buy blanks that are specially coated fpr sublimation. If you're just using HTV, it doesn't need to have a sublimation coating

  3. Hi! How long does the HTV last? And is it dishwasher safe?

    1. Hi there! Just like with most handmade items, the more gentle the care, the longer it will last!

  4. Hi Jacqui and thank you for your tutorial. I attempted to apply htv to a ceramic mug using a heat mug press similar to yours and when it was finished, there was (what appeared to be) a very very thin plastic film, covering the letters. When I tried to pull the film up, the letters came up also. I had the press set at 335 and my mug press is the kind that drops temps quickly (30 degrees) so I waited until it go hot again (5 min) and then started the 30 second count down. Do you know if it was because there was too much heat or not enough? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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