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Fix Heat Transfer Vinyl Pressing Lines from Carrier Sheets

Did you ever press a multi-color heat transfer vinyl design only to get pressing lines from the carrier sheet?
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It happens when the carrier sheet from the second layer "presses" into the original heat transfer vinyl.

The good news is it's pretty easy to get rid of the pressing lines and there's even a way that will help prevent them from happening at all.

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The pressing lines happen from too much pressure.  You can help eliminate them by making sure your heat press is not applying too much pressure when pressing heat transfer vinyl by doing a pressure test.  By the way, this pink camo HTV is Siser EasyPatterns.

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Let's say you end up with the pressing lines from the carrier sheet anyway. The easiest way to get rid of them is to cover the entire design back up with a teflon sheet and re-press the entire design with your heat press.

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This will help even out the heat transfer vinyl and eliminate the lines in the HTV.

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And just so you can see the different side by side, here ya go...

Silhouette Heat Transfer Vinyl, HTV pressing lines, HTV, heat transfer vinyl, heat press

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