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The Heat Press Machine Accessory You Didn't Know You Needed

If you use a heat press you very likely have a teflon sheet and maybe even pressing pillows.  But do you have a heat press bottom platen cover?

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It's not likely...and what's more likely is you are probably like me thinking, "Why would I need a cover on the bottom platen of my heat press?" 
When I first came across this 15 x 15" non-stick fitted cover at Pro World a few months ago I immediately thought - I'll use it as a heat press hack putting it on the top platen as a way to keep the teflon sheet in place at all times! BUT it turns doesn't fit on the top plate, which makes sense, since the top platen is slightly larger than the bottom.

It also turns out the cover is super useful on the bottom platen if you make front/back shirts, take large orders, or just want to save about half the time time while pressing.  One thing to keep in mind is this 15x15" (and the 16 x 20" size) cover works for various brands of heat presses. It fits on both my back up Trans Pro (also from Pro World) as well as my other press.

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Since the bottom platen of a heat press has that rubber silicon pad on it, shirts and other items you're pressing onto don't easily slide on or off.  The corners can also get caught up on garments that are put through the bottom platen. 

But cover the bottom platen by putting the fitted non-stick cover on one corner at a time like a sheet...

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...and you can save yourself a surprising amount of time while pressing. The lower heat press platen becomes slick making it easy to slide shirts on and off.

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Maybe it doesn't seem like a big deal...but I did a little experiment timing myself with the same shirt both with and without the bottom heat press platen cover.  This test was simply to see how long it would take just to load and unload a shirt with both a front and back design and then flipped inside out to re-press from the inside.

It literally took me twice as long (30 seconds vs :58 seconds) without the cover - and that was just with one shirt.

Imagine if you had an order of 20 shirts or 50 shirts or more...Using the fitted lower platen cover literally saves you half the time.

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  1. Thanks for the info. A trick I use to keep my teflon sheet on the top of my heat press is I hold it on there with magnets that way I never forget to put in on before pressing!

  2. Strange you have mentioned this as I have always put a Teflon sheet on the base as I thought it was like ironing where you put a Teflon coated ironing cover on the board to make ironing easier with the clothes easier to glide across plus the heat isn’t lost as it helps iron the underside which saves a lot of time. Thanks Melissa


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