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Silhouette Studio V4.1 Released: Should You Update (And Why)

The highly anticipated Silhouette Studio V4.1 is now fully released and out of Beta. It's listed on the Silhouette America website as the current version of the software.  So should you update to V4.1 (and how do you update your Silhouette Studio software)?

When 4.1 was released in beta I suggested you hold off on updating to it despite all the attractive new features.  Fast forward to now, five weeks later, and V4.1 has proven itself to be not only the most stable version of the software, but also the Silhouette Studio software version offering the most attractive features.

Even last week when asked if I would recommend V4.1 I was still on the fence, but I'm thrilled to tell you that I am now recommending V4.1.197 as the preferred version of Silhouette Studio.  You should be thrilled too! Silhouette Studio V4.1 offers some of the most highly anticipated new features in the Silhouette Studio software ever.

These features put Silhouette Studio well ahead of the competition's software as far as design features and ease of use. They also further solidify my stance that no other software is needed when designing for the Silhouette CAMEO, Curio or Portrait (or even other cutters).

I'd be willing to bet with the ability to export as SVG from Silhouette Studio, some Cricut users (who can cut SVGs from Cricut Design Space) will even install Silhouette Studio Business Edition just for the design features Silhouette Studio now offers.

As you might remember, when V4.1 was released in Beta in July, I felt V4.0 was more stable than both 3.8 and 4.1 and recommended against the update at that time. But the current version of Silhouette Studio V4.1 has now outpaced V4.0 in both features and stability. V4.1 fixes bugs including the black boxes in the Silhouette Studio library, text to path issues, rhinestone tool problem, and has a totally overhauled Send panel.

By the way - updating to Silhouette Studio V4.1 will fix the black box issue in your library automatically - but I always suggest you back up your Silhouette Studio library first, before you take the free update from the Silhouette America website

Are there still lingering issues in Silhouette Studio V4.1 - yes. Bluetooth, specifically, is still a major thorn and there are some connection issues - but they also exist in V4.0.  I think the Curio Send panel needs some work still and the Quick Access Tool bar seems to be a work in progress with lots of tweaking. 

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  1. My silhouette cameo is acting really strange after this update. It cuts in segments. For example, is stead of cutting a straight line, it will cut a very small amount at a time until the job gets done. The only time it will go back to normal is when the cutting timer goes off in the silhouette studio. Please help.....

  2. I am having the exact same issue after the update. I have noticed if I switch back to the design tab while the cutting is in progress cutting returns to normal speed. If I switch back to the send tab it goes back to cutting slowly in segments and pausing for extended periods between cuts. So far Silhouette support hasn't been helpful.

  3. I am having that same problem when I had a forced update this week - I cannot get my machine to work correctly - It starts then stops - and I cannot find the V4.1.197 - I have emailed Silhouette that showed me how to get that last version off my computer but now I have 4.1 and I do not like it - I cannot cut anything due to this start and stop and taking all day to cut --- please help me too

  4. never mind about my first comment about the slow cutting - all of a sudden it is working now. I do have my Portrait missing at the top for some reason - always comes up Cameo and then nothing for Portrait but dimensions unless I am not finding it - [not a fan of upgrades when they cause more problems] Just saying but Love My Portrait!


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